Beach pics – as promised

13 September , 2013


Well these are more rock pool pics, but close enough. 😉












Oddly, I didn’t take my camera down to the beach with me this time round – I know right?! Unheard of! Reason being that I strongly suspected Nicola would want to go into the sea, and not just stick to the rock pools on this trip. I was right, but most of the time we did end up in a spot where I could have easily kept the phone dry.

Luckily my cousin had her camera with her and snapped a few photos for us – I just love the way the light plays on the water and how much fun Nicola obviously had. Thanks Bernadine! I really appreciate it.

PS! Remember that I told you I think I lost my grocery list with the whole phone factory resetting business. Well…if I loved the Out of Milk app before, I am now completely besotted with it. When I opened it up after reloading it on the phone, it asked me to log in with my google account et voila! The clever little biscuit had automatically backed up all three of my lists and all of the history. To say I am impressed would be putting it mildly. 🙂

PPS! Expect some photo catch up posts over the course of the weekend. Even though we are so nicely current on September photos now after the wedding, there is still a fair amount of July and August photos that I haven’t posted yet. So brace yourselves…it’s coming.

PPPS! Secret place happenings actually deserve a whole post of their own, but the walls have eyes and ears at the moment. So I’ll keep my trap shut. Loose lips sink ships and so on.

PPPPS! Some things are best left unsaid…or at least said at an appropriate time. Just because there’s an elephant in the room it doesn’t mean that you need to sell candy floss and tickets and start calling it a circus. Sometimes an elephant just wants to quietly sit there…unmentioned.



  1. LOL love that elephant phrase… I may need to keep that for future use!
    Damn you now I want to go to the beach!

    • Thanks! Please feel free to use it wherever you like.
      I think you definitely need a beach holiday. Maybe you should offer discounts for photo shoots that take you to nice locations? 😉

  2. isn’t the beach just so much fun 🙂 Love the photos!

    • I love it too! Thanks.

  3. Looking at the photos make me miss the sea 😦

    • Are you planning a holiday anytime soon?

  4. same here – I’m also dreaming of a beach holiday!

    Straight after reading I actually went onto the agent’s site to go scout out some accommodation…

    thanks for the reminder to shut my mouth – very difficult for me but anyway! Will have to talk to you 1:1 🙂

    ps love the happy header!

    • We definitely need a good catch up. Thanks! That’s my spring header. 🙂

  5. Lovely beach photos of your beach babe. You are funny. Loose lips and circus….I am surd I am not the only one who are very inquisitive now.

    • Thank you. 🙂

      Sorry about being so criptic…if I could, I’d say more.

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