Riaan and Karen’s Ballito Wedding Weekend…

11 September , 2013

Brace yourselves – this post has loooooads of photos – but I thought I’d let it all loose before you end up seeing these till Christmas again! (I actually went and compressed almost all of them and narrowed it down to my favourites because I would wipe out your data cap in one foul swoop otherwise). This post has A LOT in it, seriously…A LOT! I’m putting in a more tag in case you want to skip it. Click on it at your own risk… Winking smile

There, don’t say I never did anything for you, ‘kay?

Side Note: I had to do a factory reset on my poor phone but it’s working right as rain again after that and all I lost was my grocery list (my own fault because the app actually does have a back up function)…and the two new phone numbers I loaded this past weekend, but I can get those again so it’s all good. It is goood to be online again. Those people who might have had birthdays while I was offline, I apologise for missing it.

Onwards with the photos: (most are not that great in quality, but in my defence I was mostly either running after a pink terrorist while I was taking them, or had to sneak up up on camera shy family members to get any shot whatsoever). Winking smile

Road Trip! 2013-09-05

We kicked it off on Thursday morning with a beginner level game of trailer packing tetris. After my dad made such a fuss about packing light or he’d rent a bigger trailer, we ended up with half an empty one.


Not sure what she’s looking at here, but she looked like she was making an intense study of the ingredients.


Harrismit pit stop

What I thought was going to bite her.


What actually ended up biting her…


Once there and more or less settled in, we had a little picnic of coco-pops on this awesome bench, looking out over the sea.


K’s nephew, Nicolai and Nicola – the ring bearer and the flower girl. My terrorist took a sprint along the walkway while I was greeting my aunt and uncle and I had to RUN to find and fetch her. Boy oh boy was I winded, didn’t know I had it in me – I’m sure I’ve mentioned that I only run for spiders?


All pretty idyllic looking down there in Ballito.


The sand artists even somehow managed to keep there creations put despite the “breeze”.


My Uncle Paul and aunt Cecilia – all the way from Cape Town.


Blowing bubbles on the bench.


Of course we had to try out the pool…it was freezing!


But still fun!


A few funny faces for the camera.


The day before the BIG day – 2013-09-06

Kicking it off with some strawberries over-looking the sea. I seriously enjoyed this seat.


This is the garden of the flat we were renting this time. Doesn’t it just look fabulously tropical?


Nicola rescued some sea snails from a rock pool and let them loose in the complex pool…unfortunately none of them made it.


We had a glorious 3 hour nap – I loved it! Should have known of course that this was the first sign that we were heading for a sick spell.


In the meantime, my mom was a busy little bee – building cakes and cupcakes and proteas made of sugar! These cakes were covered in moulded chocolate – my dad still joked that we should have had an axe engraved for them instead of a cake lifter! Winking smile


Friday night, almost everyone came over for a braai at our place. It didn’t get too out of hand because everyone was sent home at a decent hour so that they wouldn’t have bags under their eyes for the BIG day.

Riaan, Leigh, Karen and Nico.


Cute as a button, Nicolai.


Jennie (all the way from Canada), Angela, Karen and Katrina (originally from Australia, now also from Canada). They were taught all about rusks (beskuit) and to his delight started calling my dad Slim-Pa.


Awe, just look at my parents having a good chuckle here. Open-mouthed smile With them Riaan and Nico (Karen’s brother).


My mom and my cousin Ian.


My cousin Bernadine, her son Justin and my cousin Ian’s wife, Arlene (plus little peanut who has recently been identified as a girl and tentative named too – not peanut).


Sunshine (Tammy) and Ryan.


Ettiene and is son Josh.


My uncle Mias (or as Nicola calls him, Mia), my cousin Andre’ B, and my dad.


Hier braai die manne nou!

My uncle Ben, uncle Mias, cousin Andre’ L, and cousin Stehan.


Andre’ was sporting the latest trends in neck braces after he had a car accident the day before.


I even made it onto a photo this time! Here I am with Katrina, Liezel and Jennie.


See, I told you! Best seats in the house. Here is Andre’ B and his fiance’ Letitia enjoying it too.


Nicola, enjoying some of Ouma’s famous milk tart.


And later on, after all the guests had left she came outside to have some tea with me on the best seat in the house. A magic moment… Smile


The BIG day – 2013-09-07

After some pretty Iffy weather predictions we woke up to this! Just gorgeous.


The house was transformed to a mass hair and make up production line! Here is my Gran getting her hair done by Angela.


I was really hoping that Nicola would have a little power nap before the wedding but it never happened – we did however have some serious quality cuddle time, which was lovely.


We had some fun making rose petals from the roses…


My aunt sjooshed up my battle paint with some of hers – and this is more or less how I looked for the event.


Nicola in her wedding dress, as she called it.


She started out really excited, but I think a combination of the hanging about waiting and the not feeling well eventually chipped away at that until she was really not a happy camper.


My baby brother…on his wedding day.


Best man, Pieter.


Best man, Ryan.


Riaan and our parents.


Just look at how pretty the table set up was.


The place set for the bare foot beach wedding…


My pink terrorist, uncharacteristically in white…



I got to hang about for the before pictures because of Nicola, so I snuck a few from the side-lines obviously.

Here is Karen with all her bridesmaids, Shirley, Katrina, Jennie and Christel.


This is more or less the point where Nicola decided she wanted nothing to do with the flower girl business and nominated me as a stand in.

Here she is busy telling me she’s not my friend and she doesn’t want to get married…


I didn’t take too many on the actual beach because they had a photographer all over that, plus Nicola fell asleep in my arms so I didn’t have a free hand to snap away wit, but here is the minister about to marry them.

I saw my dad getting a bit emotional next to us…but he says he had something in his eye. Winking smile


And one of Nicola playing with her rose ring.


Aaaaand…she’s out like a light. Poor baby, obviously not feeling well.


Newly Mr & Mrs-ed.


We hung about a bit while they took the official photos. It was FREEZING!

My cousin Ian and my cousin Andre’ L.


Sunshine and Ettiene.


My mom, Nicola and my aunt Wilma.


Creme soda of course! She had so much of this that she’s actually gone a bit off it since then – never thought I’d see the day.


Cousin Ian and his wife Arlene.


Everyone sitting around, FREEZING!


Karla and Justin, blowing and chasing bubbles.


Nicola, who didn’t want to throw the flowers in the isle – now happily stuffing them in Oom Riaan’ shoes!


Ta-dah! Perfect… Winking smile


Getting a piggy back ride from Oom Pieter up and down the stairs. The shoes may or may not have been his idea… Winking smile


Nevermind the table setting, just look at that stunning view! Ironically as soon as we could go in, the wind died down completely and it turned into a balmy perfect night.


This is the complete cake – pretty isn’t it?


I unfortunately didn’t get an action shot of this, but when it was time for the garter belt throw, they blindfolded my brother and instead of Karen, my cousin Stehan with his hairy legs got on the chair wrapped in a table cloth!

Hahaha, what a hoot. Riaan wasn’t fooled though…


Karla decided to help out the DJ.


Nicola took all the “diamonds” decorating the food tables and decorated our table with it instead.


There they are…the newlyweds. Smile


I think everyone had a great time. I know I danced myself half cripple after Nicola fell asleep, actually some of that was with her even before.

What a great wedding! This one will definitely go down in the books as legendary, I’m sure of that!

The day after 2013-09-08


One of the wedding gifts. A t-shirt for my brother from our friend, Dave. Mwahaha!


Fits like a glove!

It wasn’t the original plan, but we ended up having another braai on the Sunday with all the stragglers still in the area.

Here are three of my cousins’ significant others, Rozelle, Lauren and Arlene. And yes! still the best seat in the house. Open-mouthed smile


Tannie Ansie and soon to be daughter in law, Letitia.


Again, very serious braai-ing in prgress here. My uncle Ben, cousin Andre’ B, my dad, uncle Mias, cousin Andre’ L, uncle Albert and cousin Albert.


Why do you keep taking pictures of me? Mmm? Hehehe…that’s what I do. Winking smile


Cousin Andre’ L – the pensive look. Where did I put that blasted neck brace?!


My mom.


Karla a.k.a Karoolsie.


Her little sister Lin-Marie. I didn’t manage to catch it but watching her walk over grass is the funniest thing ever. She walks as quick as she can only on her heels, because she hates the feel of it against her feet. πŸ˜†


My cousin Stehan’s super-mom wife, Zonel.


My aunt Wilma and my aunt Daphne’ in the kitchen – making salad out of nothings.


The girls, on their way to the airport…


Karla and Justin, calm before the storm. These two took each other on in a wrestling match about a ball. Karla made a run for it with Justin’s ball, he managed to catch up and show us his signature move of grabbing by the hoody and swinging her into the lawn face first. She bravely held on for three rounds of this before trying to take a massive bite out of his arm – tears all round, and no one gets the ball.


My cousin Bernadine, who is much more photogenic than she gives herself credit for.


Justin, busy with the very serious work of eating a chocolate egg.


Nicola with Oom Mia(s) – she was NOT very happy to share him with Karla let me tell you!


The two girls trying to get their hands on Oom Mias’ spectacles…and tickling him for good measure too!


The long road home 2013-09-09


Grey overcast skies…and finally my first dolphin sighting of the trip. They were so close I could have walk over and touched them! Unfortunately this is more or less where my phone decided that it had had enough action for a while and crashed, so no photos of that.


We stopped at Peel’s in Pietrmaritzburg for some of that oney based wonder goo I was telling you about. Seriously, you could get lost in between those shelves. You’ll see all kinds of things you never knew you needed!

This is what the wonder goo looks like by the way. I know some of you wanted to see it.


And of course, no road trip is complete without a stop in Harrismit and a ride on the old tractors they have in the play park there.


Now we begin with the next adventure…all the laundry we generated over this last week away!

Ps! My cousin sent me a whole bunch of beach photos of Nicola and I, but I’ll do a separate post on those later. Your bums must be numb by now from sitting down and reading this already… Winking smile



  1. Now this was some post… and a good pictorial of the wedding weekend.. wonderful…

    • Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it. πŸ™‚

  2. Wow….everything looked awesome

    • It really was stunning!

  3. Sien, so vinnig verby

    • Woerts-warts! Nes jy daar se^…

  4. Love die foto’s!

    • Baie dankie! πŸ™‚

  5. What fun! Such a pretty wedding! Makes me miss mine now πŸ™‚

    That cake was stunning!!!!!!!

    • I know what you mean…kind of made me feel nostalgic about mine too. πŸ˜‰ My mom is fantastic at this cake making business.

  6. Can I have some of that cake please? Looks divine. Picture overload but love it. Glad you didn’t make us wait till Christmas to see them πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

    Looks like so much fun was had all around. What a wedding should be all about family. Your gran looks great

    Wish the newly married couple marital bliss. Hope Nicola is feeling better now?

    • Ps: you look lovely with the make up and your dress

      • Thank you!
        Yes, Nicola is feeling much better now thanks. She stayed an extra two days at home with my mom while she completely got over her sicky.

  7. First, I must congratulate you on getting the pics up timeously πŸ™‚ We are SUPER proud of you for breaking your rules!

    And second, you looked SUPER GORGEOUS! GORGEOUS!!!!!!

    I loved the overload – got a real sense of it. Well done.

    I’ve always wanted to get married/ have anniversary vow renewal on the beach….now I think let’s rather TRAVEL.

    • Hahaha…you’re too funny Marcia! πŸ˜› don’t get used to the relevant photos – just putting it out there.

      Awe, thank you. πŸ˜€

      It was really a beautiful and super fun wedding! So where are you headed on these travels?

      • seriously, I could book a flight to anywhere right now and I’ll be happy. I’m more of the continual cheaper holidays than the once every two years one month away people.

      • Then I think now is the perfect time to book? πŸ˜‰

  8. I love looking at photos. LOL about Nicola stuffing flowers in those shoes πŸ™‚ She looked very pretty in that dress.

    • Thank you! I agree – she looked so cute in the dress. πŸ™‚

  9. Great blog πŸ™‚ I read it quite frequently! Just wanted to say that cake was absolutely gorgeous!

    • Thank you! πŸ˜€

  10. Your mom is so clever! That cake looks amazing!
    LOL at Marcia’s comment about the speed of your blog post πŸ™‚

    • My mom is amazing! And the cake pretty good too. πŸ˜‰
      Har-har, Marcia is very funny. πŸ˜› I don’t know how you always get your photos us so quickly…seriously, I just don’t have it in me.

      • she’s scared of falling behind! I feel that pressure too πŸ™‚

  11. Beautiful wedding. You and Nicola lookec so pretty. Yes, in thatnone photo I can see her saying “jy is nie meer my maatjie nie”. Your mother is so talented, the wedding cake was beautiful.

    • Thanks! It really was a beautiful wedding.

  12. What a gorgeous wedding!

    • I agree! It was stunning.

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