Photo catch up post : Kwanda kids and dentist visit

30 August , 2013

I told you about this I think? The school let me know about this open day and I thought, hey you can’t really do anything sensible in the CBD on either side of a 10:30 show and tell back in the suburbs – so I scheduled a dentist visit for the afternoon. Two flies, and so on.


Some of the children in Nicola’s class…interesting dynamic going on here if you look at the body language.


One of the obstacles they had to go through as part of the open day show and tell.


A lot of it seems to be focused on balance.


Dentist visit…smooth sailing if you compare it to last time. This one came highly recommended by colleagues who all take their children there. What i liked about him is that firstly, he didn’t have his mask on when we came in (which is where I think things went south with the previous attempt at a different dentist), and secondly, he spoke to Nicola directly and interacted with her very nicely.

She sailed into that chair like it was no big whoop, then discovered that the footrest makes an excellent slide and went down that a couple of times before we got on with the business of teeth polishing.


Success! 😀 I am beyond relieved that it went so well this time around.


Showing off her sparkling teeth for me afterwards.



  1. Yeah for great dentist visits

    • 🙂 *does virtual cartwheels!*

  2. Interesting body language in that first picture. Is balancing a life skill?

    YAY you made it through a dentist visit without drama.

    • I don’t know…but it seems important? 😉

  3. Yay…that is a huge milestone!

    • I’m just glad we managed to get this one under the belt.

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