Ramble time

28 August , 2013

You may have noticed that I went a bit quiet recently (or maybe you didn’t) – I didn’t feel like talking, it happens. Anyhoo, I have my head out of my whatsit again, so get ready for a flash update. 😉

Nicola-isms of the week

Saturday night, Nicola stayed with my parents while I had a Big Night Out – complements of my brother and almost SIL for my birthday earlier this month (it was loads of fun, more on that later!). My mom had promised Nicola camping of sorts, so they had the tent up in the room and Nicola was in her sleeping bag…crawling around on the floor…pretending to be a caterpillar! (I do actually have a photo of this, but you’ll have to wait for that)

At some point my mom said to her that she needed to go to bed now, or I would be very angry that she didn’t sleep while she was there. Nicola pipes up, “Nee sy sal nie…sy’s nie hier nie.”

Last week we had some similar cheek at home. I was busy Cinderella-ing in the bathroom. I don’t want Nicola in there while I’m cleaning because of the chemicals, if she gets some on her hands it’s bound to end up in her eyes and I’d rather not deal with that.

 Of course, me declaring something out of bounds makes it practically irresistible, so she brought the guitar into the bathroom to serenade me while I’m at it (all in a ruse to see what I was doing that could possibly require privacy). It was sweet so I let her have her fun, and then chased her out after.

 When I came out of the bathroom I found to my “delight” that a cyclone had hit the bedroom area of our house. The vicious storm left an extensive trail of colouring and reading books, paint brushes and cookies in her wake. Cyclone Nicola was not so safely perched on top of the guitar watching a Barbie movie on the laptop and eating a different cookie when I found her, and I was not impressed.

I let rip about picking up after yourself…bal-bla-blah and then some…and then thought I’d end if off on an ultimatum along the lines of if I ever found her standing on top of that guitar again (after near a gazillion warnings NOT to do that because it would break and she would possibly get hurt in the process) I would chuck it in the bin (I would not actually do this, seeing as it’s not actually mine). She looked at me, put her hands on her hips and said grinning, “Jy kan nie mamma…hy pas nie in een van die asblikke nie.” Mwahaha! Cheeky ne’? I reminded her that there was a big black dustbin outside, to which she promptly burst into tears and accused me of not giving her any love. Well played…my daughter, travel agent for guilt trips. 😉

At school they are doing a Spring theme and the teacher is helping them grow beans. Nicola came home yesterday and told me very excitedly that she is growing a bean stalk and it’s going to be 50 ft high! Hehehe…the teacher says that she tried to explain this was just a normal bean, not a Jack and Bean Stalk kind of bean, but once the rumour started they were all growing magic bean stalks. Oh well, since Nicola has no idea how long a foot is, this is not entirely impossible with a bit of fertiliser I suppose?

What else has been potting

I am in a mood for spring cleaning. Not all at once though, that’s definitely not the mood I’m in. So I’m tackling one room a day and just getting the place sort of in order. I know that it’s pointless, because Nicola sort of sees it as a personal challenge to give every room a lived in air, and I’m okay with that. If I only do one a day then that is the only room I expect to be presentable for that particular day – see managing my own expectations in this is working our rather well.

Remember those seeds we planted at the beginning of August? Well they’re all up and looking good, so hopefully soon we’ll see some colourful flowers in our garden. We’ve also started feeding the birds and we have wind chimes up, so as soon as it’s nice and warm I see a lot of breakfast and lunch happening in our little garden…maybe with some solar lights we can even do dinner there. At least until the mosquitoes rock up.

It’s crunch time for my baby brother’s impending nuptials now. The wedding is on the 7th so it’s now officially scramble time for all the last minute things to fall in or out of place. I’m feeling pretty zen about the whole thing and I have just about all the ducks I’m responsible for in a row, which to be fair really aren’t a lot. My mom was going a bit batty with her to-do list, every time I saw her she would start repeating it to me in order to remind herself what still needed to be done. So I made her a schedule/time table of things and when they need to happen and stuck it up on the kitchen wall next to the remember list we made a few months ago already.

I’m actually really looking forward to the wedding. Almost the whole family will be there and loads of friends too. Can you just imagine how we are going to be taking over that town, all at the same time? It’s the kind of extended family vacation you hardly ever get to go on. On Friday night before D-day everyone who wants to is coming over to the place where we’re staying for a braai, I suspect it’s going to get quite festive! 🙂 Very festive indeed.

Oh yes, and totally unrelated: I’m getting quite a kick at tracking my shares online. Some of them are doing brilliantly, and a few not so brilliantly yet. I wish I had more to play with per month, it’s a highly addictive pastime! And get this, I have even received dividends on one of them already – a whole whooping R5.80, but still it was a thrill I tell you (and that’s on one of them that hasn’t done brilliantly yet). I WANT MORE!

Secret place

It is what it is. I am more or less left to my own devises most of the time – so I don’t let it keep me up at night or anything.

There are a lot of new characters around, and I’ve just come up with a whole bunch of new nicknames for them in case I need to write anything important. So far, I’m severely underwhelmed – so not much to say yet. If they do anything worth mentioning you will be soon be hearing about the likes of TheRiddler, Loki, Mannemerak, VenusWilliams, Bandanna and  That’sMeInTheCorner.

I do get to attend a meeting quite late tonight for being the only one to understand a particular spreadsheet (I inherited it, it wasn’t created by me – just so you know – my spreadsheets make perfect sense to people in general). I’m not complaining though, since I prance out of here early almost every day to fetch Nicola from school, so for the odd special occasion I can make a plan to stay late.

And speaking about picking Nicola up from school – I had an interesting experience doing just that yesterday. Maybe more on that later…maybe not. 😉



She put this outfit together by herself. Isn’t it adorable? 🙂 She comes out, and says, “How do I look mommy?” “Isn’t this stylish?” Mwahaha…where does she pick that up I wonder? Definitely not from me. I have a dress from the left system that works okay for me. Open cupboard, grab the blouse on the left and pants on the left, ta-dah – that’s what I’m wearing for today. Easy peasy. 😉



  1. A lot going on at the moment. The cheekyness, it really does not go away ever but from the sound of it, you’re on top of it 🙂

    • Yip…busy little bees us. 😉 I kind of enjoy the cheekiness – hahaha!

  2. The pink terrorist definitely has a lot of spunk! I agree with her you are not there so really why does she need to sleep, ouma is meant to indulge you 😉

    And she does look very snazzy in that get up.

    There’s a lot going on with you for sure

    • She’s very witty. 😉 I don’t mind her going to bed a little bit later, but if you don’t turn on the brakes at some point she wouldn’t sleep at all and then she’s super cranky the next day.

  3. love the outfit! and of course, it’s fine to be quiet now and again. is there anything going on you want to talk about???

    • Nah…just simmering on some things. Nothing serious. 😉

      I love the outfit too. Most days she gets it just right.

  4. You really have a sassy little one there. In this world she will need to be sassy to survive.

    • I think she’s got enough sass to be just fine. 😉

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