One of my tricks

24 August , 2013

Isn’t this a beautiful sunset?

I got to see it a few weeks ago on the way to Nicola’s school to pick her up.


Show me the pink clouds…

“There they are, right behind you!”

Just one of the ways I get photos of my little pink terrorist when she doesn’t want to smile for the camera. 😉



  1. oooh yessss! We have the BEST sunsets in Jhb 🙂

    • We do! I especially love it when you get a vantage point that isn’t full of houses, to see it go down.

  2. See…you are brilliant 🙂 Gorgeous sunset.

    • Thank you! *takes a bow* 😉

  3. I love the sunsets.. they are simply gorgeous.

    Well the trick worked, because you got a good picture out of it

    • Hehehe…I get most of my pictures through something similar.

  4. I like how you catch Nicola on the camera

    • Girl’s gotta do what a girl’s got to do… 😉

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