The magic flute

23 August , 2013

This comes straight off a Dora the Explorer episode. There’s a little boy with a magic flute that makes the plants grow and the animals happy. Nicola loves that story! In it his flute is made up of five parts. Each part has a different amount of holes, 1-5 and of course he gets to count them in Spanish when he puts the flute together before playing (the counting being the whole point of the story I suppose?).


Nicola does not actually blow whistles or flutes, she holds it to her mouth and then squeels in a high pitch at the back of her through the way that she thinks a whistle/flute should sound. 😉

And now she also counts in Spanish when she starts playing…uno, dos, tres, quatro, cinco!



  1. I kinda miss the girls making the squeal. Luckily they’ve seen cousin whistle with her fingers so they still try to imitate that with that squeal!

    • Hehehe…it’s super-cute. She’s going to be really surprised when she figures out what whistling really means.

  2. Ah I can imagine the sound….she is such a cutie.

  3. LOL!!!!! At least she knows it is meant to make a sound 🙂

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