From the frying pan, into the fire

21 August , 2013

Just as you thought I was busy catching up with my photos, I go quiet for days on end again. 😉

I actually have all the July photos neatly split up into sort of sensible chunks and I’m going to stick them all into draft tonight at my parents’ place on their internet cap. So brace yourselves, tomorrow the flurry of photo catch up posts will continue in full force! (They have offered me some of their enormous internet cap to use, and their reception is much better than mine!)

In the meantime, here is something sort of up to date. NOT my proudest moment…

On Saturday, we attended one of Nicola’s school friend’s birthday parties. Great fun was had by all, until I accidentally tipped my poor child out of a moving swing! I was standing with her at the swing, pushing, when she spotted her pal from school and told me she was going to go there now. She started climbing out and I panicked. I grabbed the swing to quickly stop it, stupidly assuming she would have a proper grip on it, which she didn’t – and she promptly face planted into the dirt, HARD. I take full blame for the entire incident. If I had left her to fall the way she was headed, she would have probably landed on her feet instead?

There was a lot of bleeding and crying and hysteria (quite a bit of that from me actually, except for the bleeding – although I had it all over me). The guilt has been incredible. Luckily it doesn’t seem like there was any permanent damage done, except to my poor nerves. Of course in the heat of the moment loads of people came crowding in to see if they could help, which only sent Nicola completely over the edge again. I had already cleaned up best I could and made sure that it wasn’t a rush to the hospital sort of injury…and every time I managed to get her to calm down somewhat, some other stranger would try to touch her (a.k.a help) and she’d be screaming all over again. What is it with people anyway? I know they’re trying to help, but not everyone digs strangers touching them to calm them down.

Eventually we all calmed down, had some cake and got on with playing. In fact she felt so much better after the cake we ended up staying another hour or so.

I’ve been religiously covering all the injuries with this awesome honey based ointment my parents bought us and it’s been amazing how fast all of it just got better. Note to self: MUST always have some of that magic goo in stock! (Just in case)  


This is what it looked like cleaned up and covered in the first coat of wonder ointment – you can’t see it nicely on this photo but the one side of her nose also looked quite roughed up, and there was A LOT of swelling all over her face. Looked about 100 times worse when it was all covered in blood and dirt.


She didn’t feel like having her photo taken, but the ouchies are under her hand.


See? already looking much better by yesterday morning – although I kind of had to catch her with her eyes closed to get the photo and she has NOT been very impressed with me rubbing the stuff over her face all the time.


Ta-dah! all better. Most of the scabs came off while she was sleeping. There is one pink spot left on the side of her nose, but I’m sure it will all be fine again by the weekend latest. And to show that there are no hard feelings, she even posed next to her favourite swing for me this morning. 😉

So what have you been up to this week so far?



  1. O.U.C.H..thats all i have to say

  2. Don’t feel bad I think we have all cause an injury or two to our kids… I dropped a piece of 2 x 3 pine on my son’s head, he had about 12 stitches… all my fault…

  3. Shame man 😦 It happens though! Cameron once fell off the counter into the bin – I was laughing too hard to take him out immediately!

  4. Wow that looks sore! That sounds like some awesome mootie you have on your hands there!

  5. I think I too would have done the precise same thing, to grab the swing and stop it. But yes, I too would take full responsibility for it and feel extremely guilty. It’s just the way we parents are.

  6. Ag eina! Well you know, these things just happen.

  7. Thank you, you all made me feel much better about it. 🙂

  8. Gosh, I need the name of the miracle goo…please. Accidents do happen and I can think of a few that I was actively involved in 😛

  9. Awwwww poor baby, mean mommy (LOL) Just kidding. Just glad she is better already. Please share the name of the miracle good, looks like it is a must have in every household

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