Photo catch up post : the making of a pink princess dress

16 August , 2013

I was actually very surprised that she allowed my mom to fit the dress before it was completely done…


Of course Ouma needed a bit of supervision on the machines…


These are the modified pink dancing shoes (the ribbon was added by us).


Ta-dah! and that’s how you do it. 😀

She just loves this dress, and she’s wear it every day if I didn’t hide it or need to wash it. My mom made it slightly bigger than needed so that she can get more use out of it, and this makes it easier to wear a long sleeve T-shirt underneath while it’s not exactly summer yet. The dress for the wedding will be very similar, only in white. I am most likely going to have to bribe her with pink accesories into wearing it (and make very sure that there are no pink dresses available that she can insist on instead). 😉



  1. Ag ma, sy lyk te pragtig

    • Sy’s mal oor die rok hoor!

  2. Your mom did an amazing job. Can see how Nicola is loving this dress 🙂

    • My mom is very crafty with needlework…when I need to fix a hem I usually tunr to a stapler or something. 😉

      Nicola LOVES this dress… 🙂

  3. Lovely dress, good luck trying to convince her to wear white for wedding

    • Thanks… Don’t worry, I have tricks up my sleeves for just this kind of thing.

  4. That is so beautiful! Clever granny!!

    • Very clever! Tonight we got to see the dress for the wedding…all I can say is WOW.

  5. LOVE IT! Granny did a great job and she looks fabulous 🙂

    How many weeks to go? Two weeks?

    • It’s on the 7th…so how many is that? 3? Min dae.

  6. Clever granny. I can see she LOVES her princess dress.

    • Nicola is a BIG fan of dresses, especially dresses made by Ouma.

  7. Ek kon net lag toe ek al die pink sien. Sy is nes Leane (my pink prinses) as dit nie pink is nie, sal sy dit nie dra nie.

    • Ek hoop eintlik dis ‘n fase…hahaha! Maar sover lyk dit redelik permanent. Almal lag lekker vir my want ek was nog nooit ‘n fan van pienk nie en nou’s ek omsingel.

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