After dark…

16 August , 2013

It occurred to me this week that I am currently living as if I’m afraid of vampires. In general I just don’t go outside after dark anymore, and if I do – definitely not alone!

Example: On Wednesday night after we got home from my parents, I sniffled something a bit odd in our house and identified the offender as the garbage bag which needed to be taken out. Being too lazy / cautious of vampires to trek all the way out to the gate all on my own with the bag in the middle of the night, I neatly tied it closed and dumped it outside the front door so that I could move it to the gate bin the next morning.

Although I was feeling very smug about my interim solution, I didn’t feel nearly as smart at 04:00 the next morning when I was woken up by the distinct rustling of plastic. F-ing cats! Roaming around at that hour, ripping up interim solutions and spreading things in various stages of decomposition over the whole drive-way! Grrr…

Did I go out at 4:00am and give it a stern talking to, or introduce it to a flying slipper? Nope. It was dark out, don’t be silly. The vampires could be watching. Also, it could very well be some vagrant off the streets rifling through my trash and not the suspected cat. There really is no way to tell unless you open the door, and I was not about to do that. No sir-ee!

So I just knocked very loudly on my own front door and hoped for the best.

At last! A different interim solution that actually worked. Cat or hobo took flight and I could then collect all trash again at my own leisure after the sun eventually came up at 6:30 – not a fabulous way to start the day in case you were wondering. Not that I managed to fall asleep again after that, mind you, I could just as well have gone outside and started with the cleaning at 04:00. It was a long day…nuff said.

 I don’t think it was a hobo. I’m not saying one couldn’t have scaled the wall if he/she/it wanted to – but after cleaning the drive-way I went out back to water our pre-spring seedlings and a fat, half tailed, feral grey cat lost his footing and fell almost on top of me from the avocado tree. It’s a good 3 or 4 meter drop and he managed to land on his feet and scamper away almost immediately.

I have since seen him lurking about in the storm water drain between us and the neighbours, but he always runs when he spots me. This is a time for either being more responsible with our trash, or putting actual food out for him. I’m leaning towards the being more responsible with the trash option, because I kind of have my heart set on a first pet for Nicola that doesn’t require me to pick up a lot of poop or rubbish everywhere. I have quite enough to keep me busy with, without adding THAT to the mix too.

Anyhoo, the actual point of this post was just a little marvel I had to myself about how much things have changed over the last few years. In the distant past getting home at 4:00 was not so very uncommon, and I wasn’t extremely cautious of anything – now I won’t even go out at that hour to face a scamperry cat (or a potential garbage rifling hobo)!

 I think that I feel about potential criminals more or less like I do about spiders: If they come inside the house I will try my best to take them down, but outside? The spiders I leave, our boundaries are built with bricks and windows and doors…the criminals, I just kind of hope they’re not there or that they’ll be gone by the time the sun comes up. It’s amazing how being responsible for someone else’s life will exponentially increase what you might be afraid of. I guess, having something to lose will do that to you? Somewhere, in the middle, must be the perfect balance between being completely fearless/reckless and being an over cautious pansy who knock on the door to scare intruder cats.

When I find that answer, I’ll let you know what it is…



  1. Ah man, I still love your writing, even after all these years…
    I totes get the vampire fear! When Jon is not home I hear every single movement those vampires make. From sniffs, to footsteps, to loud breathing, I hear it all outside my windows and as long as my curtains are closed I’m super safe until the sun comes up. Obvs.

    • Exactly! My front door is hardly of the fort knox variety…but as long as I’m on the inside and the vampires outside, I feel okay about it.

      Thanks for the compliment! 🙂

  2. I don’t do dark at all! When D is away we leave all the lights on downstairs! I never go outside after the sun has set!! If I have to come home in the dark, I get everything ready before I stop and then dash (faster than Usain Bolt) inside!!!

    Watch that cat – visiting cats can quickly become “leaving-pee-in-your-house” cats!

    • That’s exactly the kind of cat I don’t want around. so far it has stayed outside thank goodness.

      I am now just imagining you doing a Usain Bolt type of sprint into your house! 😆 I totally get it…

  3. You took the words out of my mouth (or fingers in this case 🙂 )

    I agree being responsible for another human being is enough to make one suddenly extra cautious about the dangers one is exposed to. My hubby says he has became a more careful driver just before we got married….. LOL

    • Glad you agree. 🙂 I am also a better driver now hahaha…for instance I have to keep a lid on my outrage since no potty mouth is allowed anymore.

      • LOL at pouty mouth, I can imagine Nicola soaking up everything and blotting it all out one day in the most em em em interesting situation.

        I definitely do dark, seeing as I close late virtually everyday

  4. I definitely don’t do dark!

    • See, we’re all cautious of those vamps! 😉

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