13 August , 2013

I am freezing today! actually i was freezing yesterday too. The central airconditioning is borked here at secret place and the whole building is set to ice box temperatures…apparently they are working on it, but most people are just washing their hands a gazillion times a day in warm water to be able to keep typing for now. This morning I took a few minutes to whack some things into the slow cooker, so I’m really looking forward to home time and something hot and ready to eat!

Talking about food, I am currently working my way through a recipe book. Those of you who are connected to me on Goodreads will know which one. Seriously, never before have I even been tempted to read through an entire recipe book in one go, it is just so beautifully put together with little stories and pictures with every recipe. It all looks delicious, but I think that if you depend on this guy to feed you, you probably spend a lot of time hanging around waiting – he does not use ready made anything…everything is from scratch, and some things are even more scratchy than the average person would consider to be “from scratch”. πŸ˜‰ I am seriously enjoying the book though. There are definitely a few things I’m itching to try my hand at.

Photos: These are obviously not from today – despite your numerous requests for current photos. Sorry, mwahahaha!


Nicola, one afternoon after school – that warm glow is the sunset reflecting off her hair. She tells me that the sun is licking her. πŸ˜‰ Not to sure if my phone is capturing this light as good as I saw it, but anyhoo – there is the photo the way I took it.


Proudly showing Oupa her raport carm at the end of the second term.


Pretending to be asleep…she really does not pop out of bed in the mornings this one. πŸ˜‰


Not very impressed about going to school on this cold-ish day.


Sharing some giggles with Ouma.



  1. Oh, Nicola comes up with the best expressions, the sun licking her hair πŸ˜† And it really does look like the sun is licking her hair, such a lovely picture.

    Sorry about the cold, but can’t someone just adjust the temperature to a more acceptable temp. At least you have warm water in your office, in the name of going green (read, saving cost) hot water was permanently turned off in my office some 5 years or so ago, so even in the middle of winter you have to wash your hands with freezing cold water

    • The outside thermostat was broken, so parts had to be replaced before it would help at all. It’s much better today thank goodness! I actually prefer washing my hands with cold water – but I think you should have a choice!

  2. Mrs FF!!!!! My secret company has these green taps 0- automatic and they switch off after x seconds. I hate them because I like my water HOT and now I can’t even adjust the temperature.

    Louisa, the other good thing about working in the CBD office (besides being able to see you a lot!) is that it is HOT on the floor – around 24 degrees – so I easily get through 2 – 3 500 ml bottles of water a day.

    • The only time it’s that hot here is in summer, when we usually want it cooler. The building lay-out is such that no one is ever happy with the temperature around here…and you know we have that giant open foyer? Well all the hot air goes up, obviously – because that’s traditional behaviour for hot air. So since I now squat on the 1st floor, it’s safe to say that this is the coldest floor in the building.

  3. Seems our Winter is here now at last. Some people are exstatic about it – me too as I now know that within a month we will have warmer temperatures. Let’s root for that πŸ™‚
    Enjoy working throught the recipe cookbook. Always fun in experimenting.

    • I can.not wait for Spring! πŸ˜€
      Thank you…

  4. After delicious warm weather the temperature has plummeted to very cold conditions. Can this winter just be over please. Love the photo of the sun licking Nicola’s hair πŸ˜€

    • Amen to that – winter be gone now…
      Thank you!

  5. We are FREEZING in these parts. And it’s going to go on for at least another 6-8 weeks. Our spring only comes towards the middle/end of October, Our office is cold too. We can’t have it toasty because of the people who are going through freaking menopause!
    I love the pic where the sun is “licking” her face. And the one where she’s having giggles with Ouma.

    • Are you keeping head above water? I’ve seen loads of CT flooding photos.

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