August…an oncoming train kind of month

5 August , 2013

I know it’s just the 5th today, but this month is booked SOLID for me already – crazy hey?

What I’m focussing on is that in less than a month we’ll be in September and you know what that means…SPRING! Official spring, whoo-hoo! I can’t wait. Apparently neither can Nicola because we already HAD to plant all the seeds we were going to plant in Spring, so lets hope for their sakes that there aren’t any massive cold spells on the horizon.

I haven’t felt much like writing up current events over the last week, so I feel like I’ve missed out on telling you so many little things. Oh well, we’ll catch up when the photos of those things come around then, right?

A few unrelated bits and bobs for now then:

  • H and Steamcleaner have both departed
  • I am having a few in my sleeve giggles about the people who used to throw the rotten tomatoes, who now have to stand on the the other side where the veggies usually landed because of this…I am not openly gloating, but it’s hard to keep a straight face
  • Nicola has discovered that she’s very good at climbing on to kitchen cupboards, and she uses every opportunity she can to show off her new found skill – my nerves! I can tell her till I’m blue in the face to stay off the counter tops but she just doesn’t stop. I anticipate at some point there will be a biggish tumble in our futures to end this craziness, but I’m not looking forward to it.
  • In Nicola’s last report there was a murmer about shapes that she didn’t completely know – which surprised me a lot! – so I bought some flash cards to see where we’re actually at, and if I’m wrong. Maybe she just had an off day when they tested that, because she flies through them with no problem when we work on it. The one thing she did battle with is the difference between a hexagon and a octogon, but i am happy to report that since last wek she’s knows that perfectly now too.
  • The flash cards also have a nanogon (she’s sort of got that one), and one with even more corners than that which is also 3D – they’ve just labeled it polygon (I mean really, have you ever had to identify one of these beasts in real life?) and I see here that it’s wrong anyway, polygon is supposed to be 2D…Nicola was going through the cards with my dad when they happened upon that one, she wasn’t sure about the word so she made up her own one. I kind of like her word better, but we all managed to keep a straight face and correct her. (Nicola’s word for a let’s say hexagon shaped box is fuctogon!). 😆
  • The other night, as we approach bed time, she starts up with the usual delay tactics – I’m hungry, I’m thirsty, and so on and so forth – you know how it goes. So at some point the thirsty was a BIG deal, so I asked her what she wanted…”ek sal jou gaan wys” and like a flash she was out of the bed and on her way to the fridge. She opens up the door and sighs, “Mamma, hoeveel keer moet ek vir jou se^?…” Mwahaha, I know exactly where she gets that! 😉


How cute is this?!


At school on the swings…yes, wearing PJs, cause that’s what she insisted on wearing that day. I’m okay with that. If you can’t wear PJs to creche’, when will you ever get to wear them out?


Spotted Ouma busy with sowing (a pink dress for her), and insisted on helping. 😉


Extreme concentration!



  1. Now that was a wake up call for me… next month is spring… but we haven’t had winter yet… surely spring can’t come now… just now you’re going to say 4 months to Christmas and I haven’t started paying off the last one yet… love this blog…

    • Oh my goodness! You’re right…Christmas us just around the corner. Eep! O_o

  2. LOL at bulldog!

    So that’s what your mom uses that table for normally 🙂

    Aug is indeed chockablock – another event popped up for the 31st so there’s some scrambling in order….. however, are we going to have time to do a little photo walk during one of these weeks?

    Just finished a meeting – boss reminded us of all our outstandings because there are 3.5 weeks left of Aug. On the one hand I’m excited., on the other hand, too much to do.

    • Yip, that’s my mom’s cutting table. It works well cause you can stick a whole roll on there.

      Definitely we’ll make a plan for a walk! It’s mostly my weekends that are booked solid.

  3. If you cover your pots (I assume they got planted outside and not in seed trays?) with some newspaper or plastic, it’ll help protect the seeds & baby seedlings from cold snaps. And if it works, bonus! You’ll be a month ahead of everyone!

    • Thanks! I’ll try that.

  4. I remember so well when my kids also started climbing onto the kitchen counters. My nerves were fried.
    I say: Gloat as much as you want to 🙂

    • She’s much more climby than I ever was…I’ve had this confirmed by two independent sources. We’ll get through it…breathe in…breathe out… 😉

      I have to be a little subtle in my gloating – I may have undersold it, but I am sort of fighting for my life there at the moment. One is too smug might get the boot soon-ish, one who is a wallflower might get the same. So a middle ground on smugness is what I’m aiming for.

  5. Oh my word. I hope she gets over the getting on the kitchen tops soon…Stefan is only 16 months and already uses his little car as a ladder to get onto the coffee table. That has my nerves in tatters already.

    Such very cute photos…she is really very precious.

    • Thank you! 🙂 We thankfully haven’t had and rolling objects as ladders yet. Good luck!

  6. I think wearing pjs should be mandatory in winter!!!!!!

    Ja our August and September aren’t exactly chilled either!

    • I wish I could wear PJs to work – fully agree!

  7. Fuctogon OMW Nicola is going to kill me softly with laughter. Very ingenious 😆 😆

    And yes she’s just too cute. And I guess if you can’t get away with wearing PJs to school at her age when else would you. Go Nicola comfort over fashion 😆

    • Teeheehe, I thought that was hilarious too!

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