Photo catch-up : Wanette & Shawn’s wedding

26 July , 2013

The wedding was held at Tres Jolie (and you thought it was just a kiddies venue with farm animals and bouncy castles). 😉


The path leading to the chapel.


Tum-tum-ta-dum! Okay, not quite yet…but the guests were starting to file in at least. I somehow got the time wrong and ended up there half an hour early.


And there she is – lovely.


That’s the kind of look you want to see on someone on their wedding day – obviously completely besotted with each other. 🙂


The formal I-do bits.


A and her date – they dance together – and whenever a song came up they sit debating what kind of dance it is (in the line of tangoes and waltzes and what-not). The outfits had a bit of a back story to it though, too funny. Her date let her know that he was going to wear a red cravat, she for some reason got it confused with a cumberbelt and then later with a riding crop. Hehehe, very funny! 😉


The outside of the venue.


Table decorations.


The wedding cake.


This is where I sat. 😉

It was a lovely wedding, and I’m glad I could share the special day with them.



  1. Looks lovely

  2. I love her dress.

  3. Thats awesome!!! Thanks for joining us 🙂

  4. I love weddings!

  5. Looks great.. and it looks like a good time was had by all…

  6. The one year when I was at Tres Jolie for my birthday a friend of mine was there for a wedding 🙂

    You are ALWAYS early. Always!

    • Hehehe, that’s true…

  7. Looks like Thaba Ya Batswana. Stunning details.

    • It was beautiful! 🙂

  8. Looks like Thaba Ya Batswana. Stunning details.

  9. Beautiful venue and bride. Lovely photos.

  10. Gorgeous wedding. Looks like a lovely wedding venue.

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