Plotting the getting old thing

25 July , 2013

It’s my birthday in two weeks time, and my family have started hinting that if I had any plans NOW would be a good time to start sharing them so that everyone could plan around it. And if I didn’t have any plans, they could make some for me.

This leaving of birthday plans to the last minute is not really a new thing for me, it’s been pretty much been a standard thing forever. It used to be a very effective way of keeping the numbers down when all I would do was announce “Off to the Keg!” and wait to see how many of my nearest and dearest would rock up. Back then I found the whole thing a bit awkward to be honest, and made sure that I got suitable smashed as soon as possible so that everyone else could just fend for themselves and not expect too much small talk from me to keep things going. My problem was that I knew too many people who didn’t know each other (and got on with them all, while I was pretty sure they wouldn’t be able to stand each other – they did often surprise me in that regard).

Now that I’m all respectable/responsible and so on, I don’t really do Keg or similar events. I might…on occasion…rock up for someone else’s big drink and have a beer with them or something, but I leave well below the legal driving limit and I never have to SMS apologies from under my duvet the next day anymore. šŸ˜‰ It’s kind of peaceful really – also a bit predictable, but I’m okay with that.

Lately my birthday thing has been to take my immediate family on a little adventure of some sorts. Last year I got to take them all on the Gautrain for their first ever ride and a low key lunch to go with it – and we all had a great time. This year I have something equally, if not more spectacular, planned and I’m not telling them a word about it (other than where and when to rock up and what to wear). Hehehe…I spent some quality time on Google this morning finding this year’s adventure and now I am feeling mighty smug with myself about the whole thing. šŸ™‚

Of course, I can’t tell you either what’s happening – because they’re all reading this *waves enthusiastically to dear family*, but trust me…it’s perfect!

Do you do big parties for your birthday? I always enjoy parties so much more in summer, maybe I should have a very-merry-un-birthday braai-ish thing in summer some time, or not?

Photos: from a few weeks ago, obviously.


Nicola has sussed out that my mom is ALWAYS cold and decided to help her out by covering her in all the blankets she could lay her hands on – head to toe! šŸ˜†


As you can see my daughter enjoys the view from the top. šŸ˜‰


How cute is this?! She insisted on brushing her hair herself that day.



  1. love the hair brushing!

    I love that I’ll see you before your birthday but listen, the un-birthday sounds too darn fabulous. I’m totally up for it!

    • Great, remind me about this when summer comes knocking – I think I need to make a plan. šŸ˜‰

  2. NOPE, last party I had for my birthday was when I clocked the big 10!!!! Many eons ago..

    • Wow…that’s even longer ago than me!

  3. I don’t mind organising a party for one of my loved ones…but on my big day I only want my husband, children and grandchildren around…preferably taken out by my man. The only big bash I had was for my 50th two years ago.

    • Hahaha, on my big day I would be perfectly happy being all by myself too – I tend to get a bit intro-spective on the event.

  4. I am not good with too many people making a fuss of me so I usually do small and intimate gatherings. This is my favourite type of party. On the day is usually with family. After the day is usually spent with various groups of friends. Separate groups so it feels like my birthday goes on for AT LEAST a month. My last party is on 25 August. High Tea with two of my favourite girlfriends,

    • I don’t think I have it in me to organise and attend that many birthday parties for myself all in one year! šŸ˜‰

  5. ps…I LOVE the hair brushing pic.

    • I love that one too! šŸ™‚

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