Whambajam open day

24 July , 2013

We had another great open day at school yesterday. It was nice to see what they actually get up to with these extra murals, not to mention that Nicola really gets a kick out of it when she sees me popping in at school unexpectedly! 🙂

Yesterday’s show and tell was all about Whambajam, a music and dancing sort of thing. They played drums, rhythm sticks, and danced around a bit. I managed to get some lovely photos of that and even a few clips. I’m so glad I managed to go. One of the little girls was so excited when all the parents started pitching up, telling us all her mom was going to come too – but she never did, and you could see she was really hurt about that.

After that we went home, had some lunch and caught up with a truckload of laundry. Nicola was feeling a bit off and had a veeeery long afternoon nap, she only woke up again at 19:00 so you can imagine how much fun bed-time was last night. Anyway, I decided she probably needed the sleep so I just let her go ahead, and at least she woke up in a pretty good mood, plus I had some down time to read in quiet too.

I should have had an afternoon nap too, today I’m really wishing I did because I’m exhausted! Could also be that I’m just full of cake from the tripple farewell we’ve just had – magie vol ogies toe sort of thing?

Photos: A few weeks ago of course


Nicola made some cup cakes with Ouma. Actually my mom made so many for our fund raiser, and she kept some separate for Nicola to decorate.


My baby is growing up so fast!


Another basket photo – she obviously loves them. If you’re wondering about the strange effect, and the fact that she’s actually looking at the camera – this is what happens when she puts her finger in the lense to try and stop me from taking photos. 😉



  1. What a great open day you two had. Nicola did a great job with regards to decorating those cupcakes. Wow!

    • It was a lovely open day! My mom does the icing bit and then Nicola sticks on the decorations (or dips the entire cupcake in a bowl of icing thingies – whatever seems easier). 😉

  2. Sounds like a great open day… we are lucky enough to attend the Grand Parents day at the school… and I always adopt all those who’s Grands don’t turn up… it really is a good fun day that I enjoy twice a year one for each child at this particular school…. I love cupcakes so if you’ve got too many…let me know…

    • That’s very sweet of you, I can just see you – surrounded by little ones. 🙂 Hahaha, I’ll let you know about the cupcakes for sure!

  3. aaah, Bulldog is very sweet 🙂

    I mustn’t be naughty but two of us are plotting resignations around the same time (assuming we find jobs!) but then we want to have a 3-way farewell as the last person who left hasn’;t had hers yet! Ha 🙂

    So glad you guys enjoyed your day off, playing hookey 🙂 SOrry about that little girl though 😦

    • I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you on the job front Marcia, I know how unhappy you are at the moment.

      The 3-way farewell went by without a hitch. One is finishing up tomorrow, one on Monday (steamcleaner) and the other one will be contracting back to secret place until they manage to replace her…could be forever.

  4. I feel sorry for the little girl who’s mother didn’t make it. It mustbe so hard when you work corporate and are stuck to fixed work hours. Love the photos of your princess….the basket one is my favourite.

    • I felt really sorry for her too, it must be really hard. Hehehe, Nicola looks like she has a thing for baskets doesn’t she?

  5. I love naps like that! The unexpectedly long ones where you can have some indulgent “quiet time” 🙂

    • Me too! Kind of reminds me of those baby days where they have the 3 or 4 hour naps. 😉

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