Our weekend in a nutshell

22 July , 2013

We had a great action packed weekend!

The Kwanda open day went very well. When I got to the school, Nicola spotted me straight away and squealed at her friend, “My mamma is hier! My mamma is hier!” THAT makes it all worthwhile, doesn’t it? She was so glad to have me there to come and see her at school. In the hall, they were doing exercises over the length of a carpet with the parents sitting at the one end. Every time she got close to my side of the carpet, she dashed over to give me a hug or a kiss before joining the other children for the next exercise. I felt like such a hero. 🙂

Next up was our second run at the dentist visit…and it went brilliantly! She was completely comfortable with this one, loved playing in the chair, opened up her mouth with no hesitation and even got a bright pink new toothbrush as a gift for being such a good girl throughout the whole thing. I am just so glad that this time went better than the first, where she refuses to even go into the room, never mind onto the chair!

Saturday morning we joined my cousin Melanie for our annual 2nd Cup Chilli Hot Chocolate and breakfast. Nicola spent most of that event either feeding or chasing the chickens. Shame, my poor cuz is pretty much terrified of all birds so she did very well with that many chickens around the table (Nicola tipped out some bird feed for them). After breakfast we had Melanie over for some coffee at our place where Nicola proceeded to cover her in pink glitter while they were colouring a picture together (that was supposed to be for Mel’s fridge, but which Nicola subsequently refused to hand over – so I had to sneak it to her while Nicola wasn’t looking). 😆

In the afternoon we were visiting my parents and Nicola was doing her best to try and help my dad and Edward trim the fruit trees. After he refused to let her hold the saw, she stood cheering every time he cut a branch down, “Mooi so Oupa! You can do it!” Hahaha, it was a challenge keeping her mostly out from underfoot and out of the way of falling branches, but she is so eager to be a part of everything. Every time poor Edward dragged something somewhere Nicola would drag it back to the big pile of branches telling him that he clearly didn’t understand the plan…they needed to make a fire, not throw things in the bin! Eveeeeentually I managed to distract her enough to let them get on with it. 😉

Sunday morning was K’s kitchen tea (with no strippers for my gran, hehehe). Initially I was going to take Nicola along but after Saturday’s breakfast I thought it might be a bit unfair on her to stick her in two kiddie unfriendly restaurants over the course of one weekend and my dad offered to entertain her at home instead. She was not even a little bit impressed with this plan herself, not about me though – she wanted to go with Ouma! In the end it worked out great though. Ten minutes into our separation she got over it and ended up having loads of fun with Oupa just as I thought she would. The afternoon ended up in an impromptu braai with most of the family who attended the kitchen tea, plus their significant others and Nicola had a ball playing with all the cousins and uncles again.

K let me know that my gift arrived too, even though they weren’t expecting woollies to deliver the registry ones before August. You might remember that I had given them a special set of delivery instructions where they were supposed to sing a cheesy wedding song? Well, mwahaha, I guess they didn’t know the words to the one I suggested but they did the best they could. There were apparently two delivery guys, one kept profusely congratulating them…non-stop until they finished signing for the delivery…and the other one just looked like he was feeling a bit awkward about the whole thing. Or maybe the second guy knew the words and was in two minds about whether he should sing or not? Either way, we all had a good laugh about it and it was clear that it wasn’t business as usual for them but they put in some extra effort – that’s more than I realistically expected, so I’m happy.

My aunt brought us some lovely scarves and a jersey for Nicola. Nicola was thrilled with both and has even insisted on wearing the top again today to school! My aunt is selling the scarves as fund raising for the soup kitchen she runs, and I’m happy to contribute since they really are lovely too. I’m wearing mine today, and I’ve had quite a few compliments on it plus my neck is warm. What’s not to love about that? (yes, yes – I know – you want to see – those who have to see right now let me know and I’ll mail you pic, otherwise you’ll have to wait for the July photos first). 😉

How was your weekend? Are you as over winter as I am? I don’t even care about the cold or lack of cold as the case may be…I need RAIN!

Photos: These were taken in June when we went to go see Lollos with Esmarelda and her two sons.


I’m glad to see I’m not the only mom-chair around! 😛


Nicola, fascinated and dancing along to the songs. Her biggest favourite of the evening was the “Eet jou tamaties voor jou smarties” number.


Lollos, for those not in the know. It’s like a environmentally friendly, manners and healthy living promoting Afrikaans Barney the dinosaur-ish creature. This one is an alien. A dancing alien.


I was worried that I’ll fall asleep before the show was over, because this was on the same day as our big push with the school project – but Nicola beat me to it! I managed to stay awake throughout and had a really good time with Es and the boys and my snuggler on my arm.

Thanks for inviting us Esmarelda! 😀


  1. Of course I want to see the scarf!!!

    I love how N encourages Oupa – mooi so, Nicola!

    These two are the same with Edson – the poor man can’t wait for the kids to go to school 🙂

    • She’s a great champion, whenever someone is busy with something. 😉
      I can just imagine with two champions around how much fun it must be to get anything done.

  2. You guys certainly do keep busy hey :))

    • You’re telling me! In general i try to just do one social thing a weekend – and then the rest for resting and general catching up of housework and whatnot, but some weekends just don’t work out that way. *shrug* 🙂

  3. That is a busy weekend in my book. I also smiled at Nicola’s encouragement to Oupa. Lovely piccies. How much is it going to take to bribe you in getting up to date with your photo posting?

    • Mwahaha! I wonder if I’ll ever be up to date. Okay…once I’ve caught up with myself I’ll try to stay current after that, and let’s see how that goes. 😉

  4. Busy busy busy weekend you had!!!!! What more can Oupa ask for, he has his own little cheering sqaud 😆

    • She’s very enthusuastic, that’s for sure!

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