May – Seen arounds

19 July , 2013


Star fruit – did I show you this already? I can’t remember.


Three kieries. I assume this is about the Merc badge?


A beautiful sunrise…gosh, i could really do with some rain. It’s been one helluva dry winter.


Birds of a feather.


Some words of wisdom by Huletts.


This tree is heart shaped – pointed out to me by Nicola.


More pretty flowers – not mine. 😉


The extremely manual affair of painting arrows in front of our building. It took only six months for them to get to this point, after dolling up the one side walk.



8th man…which I assume is something to do with rugby?

Ps! Guess what…this is the last may photos post, next week we’re hitting the June archives and who knows, maybe by august we’ll be current-ish. 😉



  1. Love this post…

  2. I love the photos in the post. Bring them on!

    • Thanks! 🙂

  3. Love these posts of yours. Hope the 8th man isn’t an 8th husband 😀

    • Now that would be something! O_o

  4. Leave it to a child to notice the beauty in nature. I doubt I would have seen or realised the tree is heart shaped if Nicola didn’t point it out.

    • She really has an eye for these things. 🙂

  5. love this post 🙂 let’s do them on the same day next time?????

    • Cool! Just let me know when?

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