Thursday ramble

18 July , 2013

Bad Words

Anyone who has children who go to school will no doubt know that they sometimes bring back words that you don’t want to hear coming out of their mouths. This week we have just such a word. *sigh*The word Nicola brought home from school was – Idiot. That is a completely out of bounds word in our house, along with stupid. In fact, I will go as far as to say I’d rather hear her say fuck off than stupid or idiot! (of course I’d rather not hear that either, but if I HAD to choose).

The reason why I have such a big issue with these words is that when someone gets called that enough they start to believe they are those things. They are, in my opinion, some of the most hurtful words out there – and a lot of people fling them around like they’re nothing. No big whoop…well, they’re a big whoop to me. I sincerely hope that nobody is calling my child that, because she isn’t – but I feel just as strongly that she should not go around calling other people this, because it’s wrong and ugly – and I’m not having that.

I’ve had “the talk” with Nicola about how bad I think these words are, we’ve gone through the punishment should I hear them come out of her again (we also had one round of punishment for it already), and I’ve spoken to her teacher as well. She assures me that she certainly was not the one to fling them around (didn’t even occur to me, my first gut instinct was that she heard it from a classmate, and I have my suspicions about which one too). I know that I can’t control what comes out of other people’s children’s mouths – at most I can slightly influence what comes out of my own pink terrorist at times, but parenting means having to try.

So far, so good. The last utterance of the word was two days ago…I really do hope I never get to hear it again. *keeps fingers crossed*

 Open days

There is another open day for the Kwanda Kinetics thing at Nicola’s school on Friday. I don’t know if it’s because of the class she’s in or what, but we keep getting the crazy timeslots for these things. 10:00 – 10:30. There is just no sensible part of the day to go to the office and back around that (an hour each way!). So I took a day’s leave and decided that with my unexpected free time I will take Nicola to the dentist (or try again). You may remember that February we took our first stab at that and she just refused to open her mouth at all, or get in the chair, or even get closer to the masked man than the door of his consultation room.

Please, please, please keep your fingers crossed that I actually get her to say “aaaaah!” tomorrow for this, that would be great. I think once we’ve been through it the first time, any subsequent visits should be pretty much effortless (except for the strain on my medical aid or credit card, depending on where in the year we are MSA wise).

So, that’s my plan. One day down, two birds and so on. I thought I could now get on to the mission of saving up annual leave for the end of the year when the school shuts down for a month…but noooooo, I get another email saying that I should not forget about the other viewing day on Tuesday for Whambajam (I can not remember something that I only just heard about, but that’s neither here nor there). Guess what timeslot…mmm…seriously, just guess.That’s right, 10:30 again. AAAAargh!!! So now I have another day’s leave for Tuesday too.

This is where having a second parent in the equation would have been handy, I suppose? I don’t ever want to have her standing there feeling bad because everyone else’s parents managed to make it to school, but I couldn’t. I mean realistically, there might come a day where I really can’t make it – but for now, I’m just glad that I can, even if this means we end up with a situation in December.

It’s a pity all of this free time is happening a week before pay day because I saw this morning that Nicola has quite suddenly and unexpectedly outgrown about half of her winter wardrobe (or it could be because she insisted on wearing three shirts over each other this morning?). I could have used some of the time to go shopping for bigger warm things for her.

Remember that class clown quirk I have, that I told you about?

On Sunday, when we saw my gran, I asked her if she’s coming to K’s kitchen tea (this week Sunday) and if she needed us to pick her up. She said yes, she’s coming and yes, could my mom please come and get her.

All settled I decided to make a joke. I said to my gran that she must remember to bring a few R20 notes with her because if you only have R100s to stuff in stripper’s pants then it gets expensive very quickly. We all had a chuckle and my dad even said that if you gave the stripper a R20 they might put their kit back on and leave because it’s such an insult. At this point I should probably mention that there probably won’t be a stripper – it really was just a joke, and I told my gran this as well.

Well, I’m not sure if she missed that part because she wasn’t wearing her earpiece and was just nodding at me to get me to stop talking, or if she forgot that I told her it’s a joke – but yesterday she was at the bank with my dad to sign over power of attorney and she told him that she needed to draw money. He said, okay but you still have plenty of cash with you – how much do you need? And she said…she needs R20’s because I told her to bring them to the kitchen tea on Sunday. Mwahahaha!

I almost feel like we should have one now! 😉

Secret place things

  • There is a bit of a power struggle between two other country hierarchies of the secret place. They are both above us in pecking order, so I don’t worry too much about who might be the top dog – but I must admit, I heard country S’s secret agent take out country D’s secret agent quite publicly in a group call yesterday and it was hilarious. Never before have the words, “That’s very interesting, but…” been used quite so efficiently.
  • Do you remember way back when I told you we had a stand-in for the combined Snake-In-The-Grass and Box-Of-Frogs role? Well, then the new guy came in to the frog position, yet to be named (but it’ll be a doozy when it happens), and then stand-in the stood-in on the snake position. When I say stand-in I really mean sit-down, of course you know that right? Well now there’s a new snake, shall be known as Deer-In-Headlights and the stand-in allegedly will be taking over from someone else November-ish who is also quite senior, could also just be a stand-in thing though since he’s not even vaguely qualified for that position. The very tragic news is that the professional Stand-In-Sit-Down has enquired to our soon to be departed’s hand over documents. He might be doing most of his sitting here soon! Dammit! Aaaaargh! This will not end well…at all. I can hardly wait *insert sarcastic face*.
  • Next week is the week of three farewells here. I’m still a bit in denial about it.


Watering our container garden.


Oupa, gluing Barbie Rock Dog V1 back together again – the modern day equivalent of humpty dumpty. The king’s horses and men have nothing on Oupa armed with super glue!


Nicola, chatting to Diablo through the window.


The cookie line at school.


What Nicola refers to as her instrument – a gift by Ouma and Oupa.



  1. I feel the same about that word than you. Stupid and idiot are words which are not allowd in our household either. My reason: because no one is stupid, no one.

    • I like that you also feel strongly about this one.

  2. The children at my daughter’s pre-primary school are also not allowed to say the word “stupid!” (“Dis ‘n vloekwoord!”)
    We only got my 4 year old to open her mouth the 4th time at the dentist, so good luck there! She was 4 and half.

    • The dentist visit was a roaring success this time – I’m so relieved! 🙂

  3. I’m kicking myself – and if it wasn’t tomorrow, I could have brought you the dentist book I rave about!

    I also don’t like the word “ugly” so I’ve started putting children in time-out for saying that word too…

    • Ugly to me is a thing or a behaviour, not the look of someone. I haven’t had to field that one yet though.

  4. Gran sounds just precious… as for name calling at school they should not be allowed any such words as the lead to bullying later in senior school….

    • I agree, but you can’t control what comes out of other children’s mouths unfortunately. I can only guide Nicola in how to react to that.

  5. I have heard my grandbabies utter words they picked up….that was until the “vloek polisie” (Leane) appointed herself. Now nothing gets pass her. I do remember when Lukie was about 2 and a half. He was calling Oupa to come and Oupa was watching rugby or golf or some sport 😛 After the third try Lukie said “Oupa, jou klein donnertjie, kom nou!” We just collapsed. It is the one and only swear word my husband ever uses…and Lukie caught it.

    • Mwahaha! We had an incident like that with dammit out of Oupa’s mouth. 😉

  6. Gosh…it must have been the swear word…and there it goes to the spam catcher again 😛

    • I released it… 🙂

  7. oh dear, and you thought your gran wasn’t listening. I can only imagine her expression if there really is a stripper there. And I hope she doesn’t ask for one on the day…

    • She didn’t, thank goodness! 😉

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