A weekend with cousins

18 July , 2013

This is a photo catch up post from the weekend that my cousin and his family came up to JHB from KZN for a visit – also from 2013/05/24


Karla (a.k.a Karoolsie) and Nicola feeding the birds.


Sharing a chair and watching some cartoons together.


Karla and Lin-Marie, eating their first ice cream. No, seriously! Their mom says that she has tried often to give them some but it wasn’t until they saw Nicola having some that they were even willing to try it. After that it became a BIG hit with the girls.




Seeing these two with their walking sticks (annexed from Oupa’s collection) I had such a laugh. Can’t you just see them sitting like this one day as two old ladies on a porch somewhere? 


We had a family braai and Karla found these yogurt pretzel sticks and some dip, that she felt was just too good to not have. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone enjoy a snack that much before, she loved it!

I’m looking forward to seeing them again at my brother’s wedding. I’m sure the girls will be glad to see each other again too. 🙂



  1. Love the photos… and enjoyed your visit…

    • It was lovely to see them again. 🙂

  2. I am loving your photo catch ups 😀

    These two are going to be heartbreakers one day.

    • Hehehe, I fully agree! 😉

  3. I see most kids love it when their cousins come to visit – mine included.

    • Nicola loves it! I’m sure she’ll be glad to see them again in September.

  4. First ice-cream. Peer presssure does wonders. And the picture of the girls with the walking sticks just too funny

    • Just like little old ladies hey? 😉

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