Weekend wrap-up

15 July , 2013

It was much more action packed than I thought it would be.

Saturday we got to hang out with some dear friends all the way from Nylstroom at Papachino’s. The two youngsters seemed to enjoy the playground equipment and had fun building their own pizzas while we had time to chat at the table. I think Nicola got a bit carried away with the unexpected freedom of building her own pizza, and momentarily forgot that she would have to eat whatever she decided to put on it. She only ever eats bacon and pineapple on her pizza, so the olives did not go down well and most of the pizza remained untouched even though she loved making it. Thank goodness for the ginger bread men at that restaurant, so at least she ate something.

D & R might (soon-ish) be moving closer to Pretoria. This is fantastic news! We enjoy visiting on the farm, but it is a bit of a schlep out there and we don’t get to see them as often as I’d like to. I hope when they move closer we’ll get to see them more…

Another very close friend of mine has (hopefully) started a massive adventure on Saturday. She has decided that she really wants to be a mother, and Mr. Right doesn’t look like he’s on the immediate horizon, so she’s going to start on her own with a Turkey baster baby.

I am ridiculously excited for her about this, and I think she’s going to be a great mom! Some people might find it a bit strange that I am so pro this when in the past I have been known to actively advise people against this exact same kind of thing a few years ago. Well, what good is a mind if you can’t change it? I still don’t recommend this approach to EVERYONE, but in this case – I think it’s a truly grand idea.

When I just found out that I was pregnant, Esmarelda made me a little care package with all kinds of useful things in it – I am just waiting to hear a two stripe message and then I plan to do something similar for T. 🙂 In the meantime, please think positive fertile thoughts for me friend.

On Sunday we were planning a quiet day with my folks, but it turned out to not be that at all.

I haven’t told you, but my gran is now in an old age home in frail care and my uncle fetched her yesterday for a visit and invited us over for a braai. Things have been a bit tense between my mom and gran, so it was good to see them in the same room again, and that everything was more or less smoothed over for now.

My gran is looking frailer every time I see her and she has a lot of difficulty getting up on her own now. It is better for her to have constant care now. She gets annoyed with the people there because she says they won’t let her walk on her own, I had to remind her that there was probably good reason for that – which she laughed at and then reluctantly agreed. I think it must be really hard for her, this getting old business. All her life she has been very independent and she hardly ever saw a doctor or took as much as a multi-vitamin, and all of a sudden she gets hit with osteoporosis, possibly the beginning of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s all at the same time!  

I asked her how the other people who lived there were, and if she’s made some friends yet. She’s not very impressed, and I don’t suspect that she’s going to go out of her way to make friends. Apparently a lot of the people in frail care have Alzheimer’s and can’t even remember how many children they have never mind their names some days, and my gran says she doesn’t feel like having the same conversation over and over again with them, so she doesn’t bother.

I get it…but I don’t think she’s made peace with the fact that she might soon be one of them?

Nicola had a ball at my uncle’s house, playing with two of my younger cousins. The one is still in school, and I could tell he was getting a bit irritated with his new shadow, but the older one was actually remarkably good at playing with Nicola. He was doing something on their home gym equipment and Nicola found him with his jumping rope – of course she demanded extensive demonstrations of what he was up to. As soon as she was satisfied, she started kakking him out and telling him he wasn’t allowed to do that in the house! Mwahaha!

Then she followed him back to his room to go and look for his toys. Being in his early twenties, toys were not really all that common in his room, but he did have a couch and some books and Nicola put in a “request” for him to read her a story. The book she selected was “Understanding Delphi” – hahaha! More surprising was that he started reading it. I didn’t catch all of it, but the bit he was reading had something to do with the definition of a file. At the end of the paragraph he asked her, “Do you understand?” to which she answered, “No, I don’t understand…because I’m very tired and my feet are sore.” and dashed off again. It was good for quite a few laughs – she really took a liking to him, as well as his dad – my uncle. My normally fairly reserved daughter was following my uncle around like a shadow and giving him loads of hugs. She helped out with almost all of the food preparations and obviously had a great time doing it.

My throat was so sore last night I could hardly swallow. I tried to look at my own throat in the mirror to see what the hell was going on, but I just couldn’t get the angle right with the light and the reflective surface…so I ended up jamming my camera phone in my mouth and taking a picture with the flash. This might have been more helpful if I knew what my throat looked like when it wasn’t sore? Anyhoo, still feels crap today, but at least better than yesterday. I actually didn’t think I was going to come into work today, maybe go back to the doctor for some meds and sick leave, but I mistaken about the date of an important meeting I had to attend and came in anyway…only to realise that that particular meeting is only next week Monday, not today.

So not too much keeping me here today then? I think I’m going to the doctor and then home for a nap right now. Have a kick ass week (hope you’re the one kicking and not the one getting kicked).


Photos from a few weeks back of course (May-ish). I think you might have seen some of these already?

  1. Nicola helping our making fun raiser cup cakes for the school project
  2. Helping Ouma out in the kitchen
  3. The pink terrorist winter look (I know i posted this one to fb, but I don’t think I posted it here yet)


  1. That last picture is simply way too cute! Busy weekend – here’s to a good week and less sore throat

    • From your lips to God’s ears Cat… 🙂

  2. love the ear muffs!

    Hope you went home!!!!

    And definitely sending positive two-stripe vibes for your friend. it’s hard but worth it 🙂

    • I went to the doctor and I’m booked off till Wednesday. I’ll do the school run in a bit and then I’m headed straight back to bed.

  3. The Pink terrorist doesn’t look very happy with those pink earmuffs

    • Oh she doesn’t mind them – she’s annoyed at me for taking the photo. 😆

  4. Bwaha…you took a photo of your throat with your cellphone? That is so funny. I hope you will feel well soon. Degoran C helped me cope with my 3 week long head cold.
    Love the photo of the pink terrorist 🙂

    • Thank you. 🙂
      I did! But I don’t think I should show that one, it’s not exactly pretty. Doc gave me Andolex-C spray and some antibiotics, so far it’s really working a charm. i spent most of yesterday in bed either sleeping or watching survivor, and I felt so much better that I’m back in the saddle today – even though technically I’m still booked off.

  5. How’s your throat? I always say that I can handle ANYTHING but not a sore throat. All the best to your friend. Hope it all works out for her.

    ps…what did you get in your care package from Esmeralda? That’s such a lovely idea. xx

    • MUCH better thank you. I can still deal with a sore throat, sort of, but when it starts going into my ears from there I cry uncle.

      It was lovely, she put in some Rennies, Happy event cream, and a little baby album that I could stick my scan pics in. I’m thinking something similar – but I don’t want to give too much away in case T’s reading this.

  6. Love the last one! Hope your friend manages to baste the turkey soon 🙂 it is exciting :))

    • I love that photo too, hehehe…I’m keeping my fingers crossed for her.

  7. Very very pink terrorist!!!!!

    Nice comeback from the princess about the reason she didn’t understand the “story” Funny child

    • Yip, she’s a real clown. 😉

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