Monte Casino Bird Gardens with T & H

11 July , 2013

Photo catch up post:


This is how Nicola whistles – she’s calling the birds!


The face I get when I say “Big smile for mommy”.


We were a bit early, they were a bit late – so we had some quality time at the fountain while we waited.


Pretty little flowers…and bees.


Nicola was very excited about visiting a castle!


A metal flamingo at the entrance who looked like he needed a hug. 😉


Joy! 😀



Fearlessly feeding the lorikeets.


What are you looking at?!


All the parrots and one foul tempered Nigel-bird. The white one had to taken of T with a biggish stick – very agro.


I don’t know what kind of birds these are, but it was kindo f cool to be able to walk amongst them. Nicola calls them baby flamingoes. (Ps! They have the smelliest food ever, pfoef! Fish and what not in various stages of decay).


The first time all day that the two young ladies walked in the same direction, momentus enough occasion to take a photo. 😉


Ice cream…a good way to get a five minute sit down.




The snake we touched after the bird show (that Nicola declared feels just like a purse – earned me a dirty look from the guy wearing it be we had a good laugh).



It was a really fun outing, and definitely one of our new favourite places to visit.



  1. Certainly sounds like a place to go to… will remember this one… lovely share…thanks..

    • It’s great – just don’t go on a windy day (the birds of the bird show battle to stay on queue in more than a slight breeze) or in the middle of a school holiday (the poor lorikeets are so gatvol of being fed they either attack your hand if you try to feed them more, or hide in the corners of the cage hoping you’ll just go away if they don’t come down).

  2. Looks like she had a ball!

    • She loves it there! Her only complain is that they don’t seem to have a pink parrot and she wants one. 😉

  3. I am glad that you all had a ball there. Montecasino Bird Gardens is also one of my favorite places to visit 🙂

    • It’s really a lovely place to visit. 🙂

  4. We intended to go last Dec but somehow never made it! Will put on my summer list 🙂

    And hell’s bells – she is super cute in that outfit – love the little owl 🙂

    I also think those are baby flamingoes!

    • It’s super hot there in summer – just warning you, not a helluva lot of shade. But it’s always fun, and there’s always ice cream? 😉

  5. My favourite kind of post. Your little princess is so pretty. I love the photo of her lying on the grass.

    • She just beams happy, doesn’t she? 🙂

  6. The “joy” pic is my FAVOURITE. In fact, I love this entire set. Looks like she had a fantastic time. xx

    • She loves the bird gardens! We both had a great time there.

  7. The birds do look like flamingoes, albeit red ones!!!!

    Of course any princess would be thrilled to visit a castle, good way to see how other princesses live 🙂

    • They do! But I think they might be something different though.

      Hahaha, we didn’t see any other princesses.

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