A sick weekend

8 July , 2013

Well, I shouldn’t be that surprised really – it is winter after all?

We’ve been warding off the off sniffle and cough with Scott’s emulsion, Septoguard and Illiadin (as you do), but last week Thursday I had to admit that we were dealing with something that couldn’t be brushed off this lightly…it was most definitely time for antibiotics and bed rest.

Nicola brought upper respiratory tract infection of some sorts home from school, and by late Thursday I was feeling it a bit too of course. Somehow I managed to keep her mostly indoors for a couple of days, and with a bit of meds and rest it looks like she might be over the worst of it, thank goodness.

I’m still not feeling on top of the world myself, but I guess I can face the mother of all sore throats to come and meet my secret place secret deadline. The other secret agents have thankfully all sent through the things I need to complete the mission, and if I don’t need to send anything back for a reword then I might be able to wrap it up today and go home for a nap early. That would be bliss… (probably not going to happen though, but I can dream)

Anyhoo, before I jump back on that I thought I’d share a conversation we had over the weekend with you (we somehow got talking about jobs/roles and this is what Nicola considers our roles to be):

Nicola’s job:

  • Go to school
  • Play
  • Listen to mommy
  • Help mommy with things she does around the house
  • Give kisses and hugs

Mommy’s job:

  • Take Nicola to school
  • Go to work
  • Buy groceries
  • Cook food and wash dishes
  • Clean the house
  • Do laundry
  • Gardening
  • Smack Nicola’s bottom if she doesn’t listen
  • Give hugs and kisses
  • Play with Nicola

I knew I was setting myself up for something, but I had to ask anyway

A Daddy’s job:

  • To leave

I did try to explain that not all daddies leave, but I guess this is her reality – so she’s not exactly wrong, is she? A fine example of “If you don’t want to know the answer, don’t ask the question”?

Another thing that happened this weekend was that Nicola, who isn’t really all that shy (once she gets used to you) has suddenly blossomed into a little chatter box over the phone. Last night we had to phone my parents as well as my brother and K so that she could discuss stickers with them.

When she talks about stickers not working she’s actually referring to Whatsapp emoticons. She just loves to send stickers to people…but she particularly likes to send paaaaaages and paaaaages full. If you load up too many the phone becomes sluggish and little blue blocks appear over the images. Since Oupa has long held the title of toy fixer, she specifically wanted him to have a look at this and see if he could fix it (not sure when MY phone became HER toy, but oh well…). It was super cute listening to her try and explain the problem to everyone over the phone. When we phoned my brother she even wanted to talk to the cat, Marble, about it and Riaan had to pretend to meow back at her as the cat! 😆

So if you ever get a Whatsapp message from me with about 1000 pictures in it, then you know what that’s about at least. Nicola is sending you stickers.



These were from a few weeks ago when we went shopping and Nicola randomly started pulling things off the shelves from the grown up section to try on. I see I’ve actually already shown you some of these. They are adorable though, so you get to see them again.  😀



  1. It is a pity when a father takes the gap… the child needs both parents.. but only if the parents are happy, then she can go without a father…

    • It is a pity yes, although I must say that Nicola doesn’t lack for anything and is thoroughly loved by many. It’s not a cookie cutter sort of family, but i think those are just urban legends these days anyway. 😉

      Ps! I believe the one that’s missing out the most isn’t Nicola, it’s the missing dad.

  2. Sad when I read about her interpreting that daddies leave 😦 But yes, it is her reality unfortunately 😦

    • It is a bit sad yes…she doesn’t seem sad about it though – just sort of matter of fact.

  3. Shame man 😦 I know those conversations – never easy!!!

    • I don’t imagine this will be the last one, or the most difficult one…

  4. oh man, you had to ask! 🙂 Maybe add that your dad didn’t leave?

    Love the clothes she’s fitting on! And love all the jobs!

    • Yeah…I suspected I was going to get something uncomfortable out of that question. I do want her to know that we can talk about it, even if i don’t really want to. I don’t want it to come across as some forbidden subject.

      I did enjoy the job descriptions for the two of us – I love that she put hugs and kisses and playing into both of ours. 🙂

  5. I am glad you and Nicola are both on the mend. It took me all of 3 weeks to shake a common head cold that ended with infected sinuses and losing my voice. Nie lekker nie.

    They do grow up okay without daddies…if they have loving uncles and a loving Oupa…they will have a father figure in their lives. That is what I am hanging onto with all of my heart for little Stefan.

    • I still feel pretty crap to be honest, but i’m sure I’ll survive. 😉

      I know loads of people who grew up without fathers, and some even without mothers, who turned out solid respectable and happy people. I’m not worried about that at all. I think you’re much better off without a dad on the scene than one who has to be dragged into the picture kicking and screaming?

      I think she’s more intrigued about the concept than actually missing anyone. She’s never had one, so she has nothing to compare not having one to.

  6. Gosh she is sweet and I agree with the above comments, your Dad provides a stable loving male figure in her life and that is as good as gold!

    • True, I am very grateful for all the family support we have.

  7. Gosh, her comment about Daddies broke my heart. Can only imagine what you must have felt. I’d say Mommy’s job and Nicola’s jobs are spot on though!

    • It’s a “take your breath away moment” for sure…if wishes were horses huh?

  8. Nicola’s job spot on!!! Mommu’s work – well very very spot on. daddy’s job broke my heart, but guess that is reality.

    Hope Oupa has fixed the sticker problem 😆

    • Ps: Hope you are back to 100s now

      • Just about 100%. Thanks! 🙂

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