Wordless Wednesday?

3 July , 2013

Not bloody likely!

We’ve had three resignations in our department this past week, one of them Steamcleaner (right, all you people who were comforting me a month ago when 2-star left and you thought it was her, this is the real deal now), there is further rumour than another one’s resignation is imminent.


I believe the rest are all looking to some degree. I might end up last man standing again, or who knows, someone else might?

It sucks very badly about Steamcleaner though. She’s been an awesome manager and became a good friend over the last three years while we worked together. She gave me an opportunity to talk her out of it on Monday, but I know this will be the best move for her, so I didn’t.

I have a sense of impending doom as to what this all will mean for my future working conditions, but maybe I’m just panicking for nothing?

Anyhoo…you’ll be glad to know that we have now moved onto May photos for July blog posts. Hang in there! One of these days you might see something current. 😉


There is an island of these rides in Cresta shopping centre, and we had to try them all! I wonder what she’ll make of a teacup ride?


Sometimes you just can’t wait for the melktert to set.


Snoozy pic… 😀



  1. I really hope everything works out with your work conditions. Your little princess is just gorgeous. I love the first photo and it is always touching to see how vulnerable they are when they ard asleep.

    • Thank you! 🙂

  2. oh my hat – THREE!!!!!!

    I hope things settle down there and that you find something perfect for you.

    PS I had a HORRIBLE day – burst into tears in front of 3 of them, ran into the bathroom and begged the cleaning lady to get my bag and I walked and walked and walked. I think this whole episode took about 2 hours out of my day. When I approached the building again, I started the crying again. It is just not good.

    • Oh no! That just sounds like a toxic environment Marcia. You NEED to get out.

    • No Way M. That’s really bad. I agree with Louisa, you need to get out of there very FAST

  3. PS I don’t blame Nicola with that milk tart … 🙂

    • Hahaha, it’s her favourite. 😉

  4. 3!!! Welcome to my world. I am so used to it, what is shocking is when no one has resigned in a month

    • I get why they’re bailing…I wouldn’t have been surprised by more actually.

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