A proper ramble post

1 July , 2013

The new owners at our local grocery store

Our local Spar has changed hands (not the first time either, but in the past the old owners always seemed to linger on for some reason, I am not actually convinced they sold that place as many times as they’ve claimed to have done it). There are actually new guys now, and the new guys are doing things a lot differently than the old ones (can only be an improvement), but they’re still doing one thing the same. Every time we walk in there for anything, Nicola gets a sweet from the manager. Of course she loves it.

On our most recent visit, the man kind of snuck up on us as I was paying and he actually gave me a bit of a fright when he was suddenly right next to me with sweets in his hands. Hahaha, startled might be a good word to describe what I was. But I’m always a bit startled by this guy anyway – he has really-really blue eyes, if you know what I mean? 😉 This time he sort of startled Nicola too though. She says to me, “Mamma, amper het daai Oom my skrik gemaak!” So I said something about him being very nice and always giving her sweets, and that she must remember to say thank you (which she always does). As we walk out she stops, she looks him up and down and says…”I really like your hair”. He laughs and says thanks, and she says, “It’s very pretty, just like Oom Riaan’s hair.” 😆

Old McDonalds had a cheeseburger?

On Thursday I did NOT feel like either cooking or eating dinner, so I asked Nicola what she felt like (take aways). She said she wanted McDonalds. I was surprised because I didn’t even think she knew what McDonalds was really, the last time we went there was in February and she declared it disgusting…but she was adamant, so off we went.

Very entertaining car ride as something in the area, probably a piece of open veld or something, was burning. Nicola saw the smoke and it happened to be more or less in the direction we were headed. So she kept talking to the “dark cloud” and thanking it for leading us to McDonalds.

As we get to the drive through window (I already know which happy meal we’re lining up) Nicola pipes up to the lady, “But where is the farm?!” Mwahaha…no easy answer to that one.

Maybe destiny would have been a better word?

We got the movie Brave from a colleague of mine last week and we’ve been watching it at least once a day since we got it. Initially I was bit concerned that it might be a bit dark for Nicola, plus the whole thing is in quite a heavy Scottish accent, so I wasn’t sure if she would understand all of it, but it looked as if she got it and she obviously enjoyed it. It helps a lot that Merida has extremely curly hair, Nicola loved seeing someone else with curly hair too. She is by far my favourite animated princess to date!

As is Nicola’s custom, when a movie makes a big impression on her – she starts quoting lines out of it to me. So she comes into the kitchen and asks me, “What was in that cake?!” I immediately cotton on that we’re talking about the movie and answer, “A magic spell!” Nicola looks at me and agrees, “Yes! Because the princess wanted to change her feet!”

At first I’m staring at her…like, no what?! And then I realise it’s the accent. The princess really wanted to change her fate – mwahahaha! I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants. And every time I think about it I start giggling again, which is pretty often.

No really! Yesterday in the car I briefly thought about it while driving and I starting laughing all over again. Nicola wanted to know what was so funny? I don’t want her to feel bad about it, just because I think it’s so adorable and hilarious, so I just tell her that I’m extremely happy. Of course she says I’m silly, but she laughs along with me so it’s all good. 😉

Ready, set, go!

We bought Nicola a peddle bike yesterday…and a helmet. Of course everything is pink.

This is her first peddle bike, and she loves the idea of it – problem is that she doesn’t get the peddling bit yet, so I’ve spent quite a bit of time pushing her up and down the road so far.

I’m not too concerned, she’ll figure it out eventually…the important thing with her is just that you can not actually show her how to do anything. She has to discover it in her own way and in her own good time, or she goes sour on the whole thing if you try to push her or tell her what to do (definitely my child).

Of course, the photos are not downloaded yet, so just trust me when I say that it looks adorable. Wow, it really makes you realise how much she’s grown already…my little baby. 😀

If the shoe fits, buy a pair in every colour?

Slowly but surely I am starting to put my outfit together for my brother’s wedding. I know no one gives a shit what I look like on the day, it’s not my wedding after all, but since I’m buying some new clothes I might as well keep future events in mind while I do it, right?

Anyhoo, I bought a red dress that I have been coveting for over a year now…it arrived and I LOVE it! Then I started thinking about what shoes I could possibly wear with a red dress, and I dipped my toes into the online shoe shopping business to see what I might find.

The first pair I tried buying I think would have been okay, not great – but okay…but they let me know that they were out of stock and cancelled my order (Woolworths…and can I just say *ahem*…you guys still have to credit me for that whole business). Then I scoured Zando but couldn’t find anything I had to have at those prices, eventually I ended up at Solo shoes and saw something that just screamed “Pick me! Pick me!” to me. I couldn’t decide what colour to get, so I took them all (very unlike me really).

Anyhoo, they arrived this morning – love, love, love them! (both pairs actually) They fit perfectly (now that I’ve made peace with the fact that my post pregnancy feet are a size bigger) and they are amazingly comfortable for high heels. Plus, they can’t fall off while I’m dancing.

What I kind of liked about the whole experience is that they first check their stock and THEN send you the invoice (*cough-cough* Woolies…again, looking at you while I say this). Once you’ve done the transfer the shoes are on their way, and someone emails you every step of the way. A real person, with a real name and email address…not one of those info thingies.

You want to see the shoes, don’t you? 😉 Maybe I’ll show you tomorrow…

Stray thought that I was simmering on in traffic this morning

You know, sometimes you see someone you care about being treated like shit…and you can’t do anything without potentially making it even worse? No? Maybe it’s just me then? Bite my own tongue isn’t really my thing, but even I know that sometimes I have to stay out of it for the greater good of everyone who are actually involved and not just cheering from the side lines.

Anyway, this morning I thought of what would be a good word for that feeling. It’s like a poker face, but not completely. A poker face to me is more of a game face, there is an element of fun that goes with it. The face I’m talking about is not that face at all.

I’ve decided stoic is a good word, but I do realise that one does not feel stoic…you only act it.

Sooner or later, there will be a crack in that mask – and then all hell is going to break loose.

And that, is all I’m saying about it. Stoically…for now.


Ps! Adios Google Reader – it’s been real. If you haven’t migrated your feeds yet, now would be a really great time to do it. I initially thought I’d go Feedly, but I’m now with Bloglovin instead simply because it’s easier to mark things as unread and have them be that way from my phone than on Feedly.



  1. I love Bloglovin as well for that reason.
    LOL about Nicola and “where’s the farm?”

    • I was in stitches when she said that – you really never can tell what they’re going to come up with next. 😉

  2. O.k. Louisa… “But I’m always a bit startled by this guy anyway – he has really-really blue eyes, if you know what I mean? “…that statement left me with a smile of my face, saying “Go Louisa..you naughty girl”….smile
    Love Nicolas saying

    • Hahaha…hey, I’m not dead – I can look! 😉
      She’s a real clown sometimes. 😆

  3. I work with a guy like that (not in my team, in the company) and I’m always GLUED to those eyes 🙂 🙂

    I LAUGHED so darn hard at the feet/ fate thing and then I told D and laughed again so hard and now I’ve got a thing for it.


    • Then you know exactly what I mean. People with eyes like that are a safety hazard to the people around them! 😉

      Mwahaha, I don’t think I can ever think of fate/feet differently again after this! 😆 You actually just have to see the movie, or at least the trailer – you won’t stop laughing, I guarentee it. 😉

  4. Maybe that is what made the movie less dark…the accent. I can never get enough of then things the little ones come up with. Like McDonald’s farm 😀

    I love the photos of your princess…but you do need to show us the photo of her on her bike and your shoes…a photo of the DRESS would also be great;-)

    I need lessons in being stoic when people get hurtful.

    • Photos of bike and shoes coming up. 😉 The dress mmm…I’ll have to take some photos first.

      Stoic doesn’t come naturally to me either.

      • My first instinct is to lash out when people are hurtful. That doesn’t work well in our work environment. So ek hou my in.

      • I also try to pick my battles…but it’s not always easy to keep a lid on it.

  5. What an amazing little character Nicola is! I must say Brave has got to be one of my favourite animated movies, along with ‘Up’
    As for your friend being treated badly – the best you can do is simply be there for her, for if she / he feels judged they may retract from you all together – which isn’t the best situation for anyone – damn it is hard! So lovely catching up on your posts!

    • Nicola is amazing – seriously, I don’t even know if it comes across properly on my blog just how amzing she is.

      As for the friend thing, yes – I hear you. I’m butting out (for now) but seriously, I’m not sure how much more of this I can quietly sit through without trying to intervene. *must bite tongue* *must bite tongue*

      It’s good to have you back! 😀

      • It’s good to be back! I hope I can meet her one day!

      • Let me know when you’re passing through JHB again and I’ll make it happen. 🙂

  6. I think the comment I left on this post might have landed in the spam catcher again…there goes my confidence levels 😛

    • I’ll go check and release it. 😉

  7. Can I get some of the magic spell to change my feet 😆

    I think many kids expect to see a farm when the visit McDonald’s.

    • Well, based on the movie, I don’t recommend it – it changed her mom into a bear!

      Hahaha, I think you’re right!

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