Get up and go…has gotten up and left

27 June , 2013

I’d like to blame the weather for my mood at the moment, but since it’s actually been pretty mild during the day so that probably wouldn’t be fair (is it just my imagination or were we facing 10’C days last year this time instead of 20’C?). – I would just like to state categorically that I don’t mind the milder weather, I am definitely not longing for colder days…just so we’re straight about that.

My problem is that I just feel like hibernating. Even now, I feel like I’m half asleep. Okay, I’ve had the most wicked headaches and neck pains this week so I am sort of operating under the influence of some sort of mystery pink pain tablets I found in my medicine bag, but still – this whole week feels a bit like a bad dream.

Getting Nicola up and motivated (never mind dressed, teeth and hair brushed, and out the door) has been challenging to say the least (especially when I don’t feel like getting up either). Yesterday morning when she got up she declared that she wanted to bake cookies, so I managed to convince her that after school was a better time for that. And that’s how we ended up baking cookies last night.

We started off with a normal peanut butter cookie recipe, that I magic-ed up with some chocolate chips and on a whim even some Nutella. Nicola wanted to use the cookie cutters so I just added a bit more flour to get to the right consistency. Those of you who know about my disastrous ginger bread dog biscuits incident might be prematurely cringing already, but it actually didn’t turn out half bad this time round (maybe because I started out with a mushy dough instead of a completely liquid batter?).

This morning my get-Nicola-out-of-bed trick was, “Don’t you think we should pack some of those cookies for teacher Leeanne?”. She was out of bed like a rocket! I helped her do up a little gift bag with cookies and some colourful ribbon and then she said, “Leeanne is really going to enjoy this…I’m sure she’ll be able to taste the love.” Awe…isn’t that sweet? Sure hope she’s not diabetic because there’s enough sugar in those to put someone in a coma.

The teacher was thrilled to receive her unexpected gift this morning and Nicola was beaming with pride when she gave it to her…plus we managed to get it all done about 10 minutes earlier than a normal morning with no motivation to get up. I am definitely going to remember this for a day when I need to get to an early meeting or something.

I wonder how I will get her up and going tomorrow?

Ps! At least tomorrow I don’t have to wonder what MY reason for getting up will be. I’m taking a colleague (and friend) to celebrate getting her CBAP qualification. We’ve taken a half day and will be doing a ribs and beer lunch. Yumm! (If she didn’t pass we were just going to have beer). Something tells me that I could do with a day off in the near future? 😉


Obviously un-current photos…and I have to admit that I was too busy keeping the dough on the counter last night to get any photos of our baked-with-love-cookies either. Just imagine it if you can, lots of flour everywhere, smears of butter on almost all surfaces and faces, heavenly scent of peanut butter filling the house…and every cookie cutter in the house involved, because variety is the spice of life as you well know.


This was taken a few weeks ago. We were visiting Esmarelda and her two boys and I saw Nicola and D sitting like this next to each other on the couch reading. I thought it was very cute and went into stealth mode to see if I could snap a photo. This is what I heardwhen I got close: 😆

  • D: Daardie is MY boek! (that is MY book!) – so glad I’m not the only one whose child does that by the way
  • N: Ja, maar ek lees hom nou (Yes, but I’m reading it now) – no idea where that came from, but it seemed to settle the argument. 😉

If that happened at our house I’m pretty sure N would have responded with a “WHHAAAAAAH!!!” – she’s really no good at sharing, but we’re working on it.




Shop till you drop? This was on our monthly grocery run…one minute she was arguing with me about what to buy, the next she was lights out having a snooze in the cart.



  1. amazing – how she just falls asleep like that! Also, thanks for the peek in your trolley! Is it weird that I like to look in other people’s trolleys?!

    • She had a rough night where she hardly slept, that’s probably why. Hahaha, yes – that is a bit weird…but if that’s your thing I’ll send you a photo of the trolley when it’s full this weekend? 😉

  2. The weather is all a wack at the moment.. that is for sure.. end June and some nights I sleep only under a sheet…

    • We’re not quite having sheet weather here yet, it goes doen to about 3 or 4 at night. Sounds like you’ll have to sleep in the pool by the time it gets to summer!

  3. I love it that you could magic up your recipe and it still came out good enough to give to the teacher. You will be surprised by how quickly they move onto the next stage and start sharing.

    • I must admit…I’m looking forward to that! 😉
      They actually came out really well, but I didn’t make massive changes…just a little bit of extra flour and a few extra non liquid ingredients. Maybe that’s the secret?

  4. Poor Nicola 😦 Uit soos ‘n kers in daai trollie

    • Ja shame man…sy was pootuit!

  5. A quick snooze here and there is just what is required to get one’s energy back 😆

    What an interesting conversation on the book…. Kids do say the darndest things

    YUM, now I am thinking of making cookies. Good thing I am not home, because I am sure I would have headed out straight to the kitchen to whip up something

    • Where in the world are you? And when are you going to post something again, mmm?

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