Seen arounds for April

25 June , 2013

Yes, yes – I know it’s June, and end of June at that – but this is where we’re at with photos. Only two more April photo posts to go and then we’re in May, so believe it or not, we are actually busy catching up. 😉


Seen in traffic…(Translation: Fatboy)


Always…always…have a plan B. 😉


Whoops! Truck got wedged between two buildings, guess he thought he was still driving a taxi? I had a bus on my behind tooting like a lunatic. Now what?! pray tell, exactly, am I meant to do in this situation to calm down the delayed bus driver? Levitate the truck out with psychic-kinetic abilties? Mmm? Grrr…

It took a bit of time but eventually everyone who was stuck manged to get a spot to make a U-turn and try a different road into town.

Idiot bus drivers…tsk-tsk…and idiot truck drivers of course.


Day lily, who bloomed beautifully despite being stripped completely bare of any leaves by the weaver birds.


My cousin Melanie’s bag (the last time I saw her -I bet she has half a cupboard full of bags). Shiny! 🙂 I don’t think I could pull off a bag like this, but I still think it’s very pretty.


This is how we make toast special round here. Hartjie-toast! I don’t think there’s anyone who wouldn’t like to have their toast so obviously made with love. 😉 You can of course make it in any shape that you happen to have a cookie cutter for, this is just the one that we like most at the moment.



  1. Love this…

    • Thank you! 🙂

  2. Got to laugh at the personalised numberplates 🙂

    • Yip…they’re a hoot. 😉

  3. Vetseun! Ai! We have a heart cutter from Crazy store that cuts two hearts out ofma slice – real economical

    • We have that same bread cutter… and I bought the dinosaur one too 🙂

      • I better make sure Nicola doesn’t see the dinosaur one or we’ll be eating toast every day!

    • I usually get the off cuts from this one, so i’m not complaining. 😉

  4. Had to laugh at the truck – had a similar incident this morning – dude behind me freaking out but I could go no where.

    LOVE the heart toast :))

    • The truck thing was a lot funnier after i wasn’t stuck in that street anymore. 😉


  5. I always wish I have my camera with me when I see crazy things around me. You captured it well. I love the hartjie toast…have to get a cutter before Leane sleeps over again.

    • That is exactly why I don’t have a normal proper camera, I ALWAYS have my phone with me and it makes it so much easier to catch things as they happen. Thank you! 🙂

  6. Love your toast and now I’m wondering how they got the truck out – seriously!

    • Thanks! i don’t know how they got it out, but I wondered too. I passed by later that day and it wasn’t there anymore – some McGuyver must have helped them somehow.

  7. PS I have a I love my mum or something like that toast imprinter (!) however nobody’s made me toast with it yet. Hmmm

    • Maybe they can’t read yet? 😉 Does C & K make their own toast? Nicola would love to do that but I haven’t let her loose on that particular appliance yet.

  8. Goodness me. Vetseun! Who does that? I love the hartjie toast. Now I MUST go and buy some cookie cutters.

    • It’s very rare to find a vanity plate on someone’s car and think to yourself, aaaah I know EXACTLY why someone would put that on their car and drive around with it. 😉

      Go get some cookie cutters! There are so many things you can put a special twist on with them. We’ve used them for bread, cheese, even watermelon…and occasionally even cookies.

  9. These personalised numbers make me laugh and each time I see an interesting one, I remember you.

    That truck must have been taken out with a lot of manoeuvring and sweat

    • Hahaha, I always try to snap them when I come across one that I think is funny.

      I hope that driver will think twice before trying a manouvre like that again.

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