Weekend recap

24 June , 2013

Another Monday where I really didn’t feel like getting up. I’m blaming it on winter, and on some of the do-I-really-have-to-do-this work on my desk for this week.

Anyhoo, the weekend past: Saturday morning we went toy shopping for our little cousin Justin’s birthday. My mom and my gran gave me their money too, so I was shopping up a storm!

We bought a little outfit too, but let me tell you – my heart goes out to all you boy child mothers out there. There is hardly anything on the shelves when you compare it to the girl clothing, and what is there is ridiculously priced. Especially the pants! R250 for one pair of tiny pants, are you f-ing mad?! We found something a bit more reasonable at Mr. Price thank goodness.

While shopping for Justin, Nicola finally spotted some shoes that she would consider dancing shoes and we bought them on the spot. She’s been asking for dancing shoes for ages noe, but every time we present her with something that we feel fits that description it clearly does not match the idea she has and she refuses to even put them on. So I’m sure you’ll understand that when we came across these, even though they are a size too big, I bought them straight away.

My mom modified them with some ribbons so that they don’t keep falling off and the pink terrorist LOVES them and wore them all of yesterday with her new dress (also made by Ouma). One of the ladies at the party came to me to tell me that Nicola is the most beautiful child she has ever laid eyes on and that she’s sure that Snow white must have looked something like my daughter. Sweet right? (one of these days I’ll show you the photos – you know how I am) 😉

Saturday afternoon we popped in with Tannie Fluffbunny for coffee and some catching up. Nicola was very eager to go explore Fluffbunny’s upstairs section and in an effort to get around my solid-ish NO, she pretended to be helping the cleaning lady who happened to be up there at the time. There was beading, chatting, and giant balls on picnic blankets – lots of fun.

Yesterday was Justin’s birthday party and it was lovely to see the extended family again. Nicola had a blast and was much more open an approachable with everyone than she usually is. She took a massive liking to my cousin Ian and either followed him around everywhere or dragged him along to wherever she was going at the time. It was very cute to see, because usually she’s so shy that she doesn’t even want to greet him.

When I asked her afterwards if she had fun playing with Uncle Ian, she said, “Yes, Oom Ian is very kind.” Isn’t that a nice thing to say about somebody? 😀

One quirky thing we saw yesterday was that whenever Nicola sees any ducks she immediately starts scraping her feet along the walk way. Mwahaha! I finally figured out why she was doing that. Last weekend when we went to feed the ducks at Emmarentia dam, we all had to do that because the duck poo is just about everywhere, and we needed our shoes clean before we got back into the car. Now she just assumes it what you do when you’ve seen a duck! 😉

How was your weekend?   


All these taken a while back at Papachino’s with Fluffbunny. What a coincidence! I’m writing about her and here we just so happen to be at the photos of the last time we saw her.





  1. Sounds like a good weekend had by all… children’s clothes are ridiculously priced…whenever we go to buy something for the grand kids… I’m astounded.. and when they’re growing so quick the clothes fit for such a short period… go figure.. I can buy a shirt for less than an 18 month old child…

    • We usually buy Nicola’s stuff a bit bigger so that she’ll get at least two seasons out of it, if possible – but I know what you mean, it’s crazy expensive!

  2. 18 month old child’s outfit I meant to say…

    • That’s what I thought you meant to say… 😉

  3. Ek dink Sneeuwitjie is ‘n goeie beskrywing van haar. Sy is pragtig.

    • Baie dankie! 😀

  4. Oh yes, Snowwhite is perfect for her. I have always thought my A looks like Belle so we have a Disney due. Sounds like a good weekend. And really, boys clothes – no fun at all

    • 😆 A really does! Now that you mention it, you’re absolutely right.

  5. We don’t buy stuff Jack – his gran keeps him stocked up – new stuff and hand me downs 🙂 I battle so much with Kiara – you just can not find simple clothes for them :-/

    Sounds like a good weekend though!

    • My mom also buys a lot of stuff for Nicola, although if you ask Nicola she is convinced Ouma makes it all herself…even shoes! I’ve heard that the older girl-clothes are sometimes a problem, either too baby or too grown-up for the age they’re at. Is that the problem you’re having or is it the texture of the fabric thing you mentioned before?

  6. I also agree Snow White is the perfect description. I want to see the pink princess I her dancing shoes.

    • As soon as I download them, I promise I’ll show you. 😉

  7. can’t wait for the dancing shoes pics!!! And her GLEE 🙂

    Yes, boys’ clothes are crazy. I bought the kids boots the other day – R260 each. Now, Louisa, I don’t even pay R260 for my own shoes……………………………. but I figured they will wear those things out….

    Jeans are mad – I got a pair for R90 the other day at Mr P and I was rejoicing, And then there was a sale pair for R60 so that one he wears to school and the nicer ones are for weekends.

    Miss you!!!!!

    • Looks like I might have to do a sneak peak of the shoes and dress? 😉

      Don’t get me started on shoes! If they are proper soft leather and pretty shoes, i don’t mind spending R250 or so on them (children’s shoes), but seriously I will not pay that much for something is it’s either ugly or will be obviously uncomfortable to wear. Why would anyone even make shoes with rock hard soles for children?!

      The pants I eventually bought for the birthday boy were about R70 at Mr.P – which is okay, but pretty top end if I compare it to what girl clothes cost. I can easily get Nicola an entire outfit for the price of one pair of boy’s pants – and if I look at the amount of work involved in making them i really can’t see that it’s justified.

    • Miss you too!

  8. It is indeed a very nice thing Nicola said about Uncle Ian 🙂

    • I’d be beaming if someone said something like that about me for sure. 🙂

  9. Sounds like a lekker weekend. Can’t say that I struggle with boys clothing but then maybe I just know where to look. Also, most of my friends have boys so we kind of give one another the heads up when there’s a sale etc. Also loads of hand-me-downs going around in these parts. I do struggle with shoes though. My kids are REALLY hard on shoes. I figured if I paid more then it would last longer? Well. No such luck. Every 3 months we have to go shoe shopping so I’m back to buying el-cheapo shoes for them.
    Am also BATTLING in the mornings. I blame the weather. At least it’s holiday now so I can leave an hour later but sjoe. It’s STILL hard.

    • If you’re not struggling with the clothes then you definitely are very lucky! Don’t get me started on shoes…I don’t bother too much with shoes, Nicola mostly refuses to wear them anyway. And I’m sure it will settle down at some point but she’s growing so quickly that shoes are often too small way before they’re worn out round here.

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