Longest night!

21 June , 2013

Tonight will be the longest night for the southern hemisphere. You know what that means, right? 🙂 We’ll be getting more sun as of tomorrow…slowly but surely spring is creeping up on us. I could not be more thrilled if I tried! Of course this doesn’t exactly mean that winter is over, the nights will still be cold – but at least they’ll be shorter?

This also marks the one year anniversary of Nicola potty training herself. Thousands saved in diapers over the last year. That’s definitely a reason to celebrate!

Another reason is that we got Nicola’s half year report card yesterday. She did brilliantly! I am so proud of my daughter (of course even without that), but it’s lovely to see that she’s doing well at school as well as at home.

This is what her teacher wrote at the end of the report about Nicola:

Nicola werk ywerig en onafhanklik, sy prober haar bes in alles wat sy doen. Sy geniet dit om met haar maatjies buite te speel. Juffrou is trots op jou liefie. (Nicola works hard and independently, she tries her best in everything she does. She enjoys playing with her friends outside. Teacher is very proud of you lovey. – loosely translated).


  1. A proper princess needs a pink towel…don’t you know? 😉
  2. Ouma’s vegetable soup – best ever!


3 & 4. Pirate princess…arrrgh! 😆



  1. Yah Yah for Nicola..jy het a baie slim meisie.

    And thank goodness for it being the turning point towards summer…winter depresses the hell out of me

    • Dankie! 🙂
      I’m sick of being cold everywhere I go…and I miss the rain.

  2. Can you believe the year is half way done!!!!!!

    Well done on a great report card!

    • No, I really can’t. It’s zipping by at the speed of light!
      Thank you. 🙂

  3. the sun is about to start returning to us… yeaaaaa…

    • *does virtual cart wheels* 😀

  4. lOL i love your excitement about spring returning!!! 🙂

    well done Nicola (now that’s what I want!) – I love that her teacher loves her!

    • That’s a very big thing for me, the love.
      You know Spring is my favourite! 😉

  5. Ahhh she is getting so big and absolutely beautiful, congrats on the lovely report card.

    • Thank you! 😀

  6. What an awesome day for sure for you and Nicola.

    • 🙂 Thanks!

  7. It always thrills me to read my little ones rapports. With Lukie it said: Hy het ‘n fyn humorsin and die klas geniet sy pittige segoed. I honestly forgot that witty is pittig in Afrikaans 😛

    • Sounds like he’s quite a character. 🙂 I enjoy the rapports too, I actually wish I could get them more often or that the teachers would share with me before what they’ll be teaching so that I can give it some attention at home too at the same time.

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