Some more photo catch-up…

15 June , 2013

Don’t get too excited, but this is the second last batch of March photos! 😆


  1. Future archeologist in the making? I don’t know – but she has ALWAYS loved rocks. These ones are from my parents’ water feature…she unpacks them all and calls them chickens (I have no idea what that’s about except that they very vaguely resemble eggs?). If anyone dares to pack them back there is hell to pay! It is only with a lot of top class persuasion that we’ve convinced her not to bring them into the house (at this point I think it would probably be fair to point out that anything that “comes into the house” usually ends up in my bed for at least one night! I woke up on a stress ball just this morning and it is not very comfortable in case you were wondering).
  2. Picking some cosmos flowers on our way to school one morning.
  3. Sleeping angel-face. 🙂


  1. maybe a future geologist…??

    • Ah yes…that’s the word I was looking for. 😆

  2. Lovely photos…hope you are having a great weekend.

    • Thank you…hope you are too!

  3. Aren’t kids just too beautiful when they sleep 🙂

    • They look just like little angels. 😀

  4. Chickens???? Hmmmmmm, wonder what the connection is

    • I think because they look just slightly similar to chicken eggs maybe?

      When are you going to start blogging again MrsFF…I miss your sunrise photos!

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