Thursday bullets & photo catch-up

13 June , 2013
  • Nicola wanted to know from me why only some of the trees lost their leaves for winter, so we got into the discussion about evergreen and deciduous trees (in Afrikaans immergroen en bladwisselend). Now every morning every tree along the way has to be inspected and declared either evergreen or deciduous. It’s actually a lot of fun since we make a little game out of it.
  • She is also very interested in street names (although some days it feels like her main interest is in arguing with me about them). She just LOVES to point out when we’re in which street and the other day when one of my cousins asked where we stay now she promptly chipped in with our address.
  • It’s not going very well with my gran at the moment. We’re all very worried.
  • This is going to be a bumper busy weekend – I’m fetching steamcleaner’s son’s birthday cake of Friday, Saturday morning we need to do some gift shopping, Saturday afternoon we have a birthday party, Sunday morning we’re doing a family Father’s day brunch, Sunday afternoon and evening I’m attending a friend’s wedding, and Monday I’m hoping to go to Emmarentia to go feed the ducks because I’m running out of freezer space for old bread crusts.

What are you up to over this lovely long weekend?

Photos obviously completely unrelated as always. 😉 This was from a picnic with Melinda at Delta Park a while ago…I can’t remember if I posted these at the time, so if you’re seeing it again let me know so I can unleash some more on you?





  1. Ahh….love the picture…cannot remember seeing them before. Have not planned much this weekend….hoping to just chill. Enjoy your weekend

    • Thanks Melinda, you too! 🙂

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your gran. Ons gebede met julle.
    I love that Nicola play games like these with trees and street names. She’s so clever.

    • Thanks…hopefully it’s just a temporary thing and not a sign of something more serious.
      I also think she’s very clever! (and of course I’m not biased at all) 😉

  3. So sorry to hear about your gran. Lots of love and enjoy the weekend

  4. Sorry,just glanced at the pictures earlier..but came back to read blog…very sorry about your Gran…hope she gets better soon

    • Thank you…I do too.

  5. Have a great weekend .. as a Father I would not know what is planned for Sunday, but I love surprises…
    Don’t recall seeing these photos before but when one views 100+ blogs every day I’d be surprised if I could remember them all… I can’t even remember what I’ve posted myself…

    • My dad is the hardest to shop for because he hardly has any vices and he genuinely doesn’t want anything…but this year i am feeling very smug because I found him the perfect gift. something he’s been looking for for ages and I found it! 😀

      I don’t think I’ve posted these before. I used to have a very proper system about these things but then I fall so far behind that every now and then I make an exception and post something when it happens. Now I don’t remember if I’ve posted or not. Back to the old system I think – it worked well, if not quickly.

  6. Love the pic of M!

    I so wish I could go to that party on Saturday but I have previous birthday party plans.

    LOVE the trees conversations – bladwisselend is a gorgeous word.

    • Such a happy couple, right? 🙂
      What a pity…I was hoping to see you there – oh well, I guess I’ll see you at the next one which is the twins’ party.
      I like bladwisselend and immergroen – both very pretty words, and I LOVE that Nicola is asking these kinds of questions.

  7. Sorry to hear that your gran is sick…hoping that her health improves soon. Love your photos. Ek glo nog steeds Afrikaans is die taal van die engele….some words can never be translated…they just somehow lose their meaning and become watered down.

    • Thank you…
      Hahaha! Taal van die Engele. Mmmm, maybe more taal van die moeilikheidmakers, but I like it – it is my mother tongue after all. What I’ve seen is that usually there are at least two Afrikaans words for most english ones (think Butterfly = Vlinder and Skoenlapper) and there is usually a very subtle difference in when would be the right time to use which one. I imagine it must be a very hard language to learn if you didn’t grow up with it, and a lot of people battle with the hard sounds like our G and the rolling R.

  8. I am sorry to hear about your gran. *hug*

    Nicola’s hair is looking so beautiful. It kind of reminds me of our “L’Oreal Days”… “Because I’m worth it!” 😉

    • Thank Freddy…
      She really does have the most gorgeous hair – but we use Organics kiddy range for her because it smells nice. 😉

    • Ps! AND they have a kick ass detangle spray. 😆

  9. […] might remember a while back we were talking a lot about evergreen and deciduous trees? You can probably only imagine how much […]

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