Nicola-isms of the last week

10 June , 2013
  • We went grocery shopping on Monday and the pink terrorist is trying her hand at lifting it seems. Imagine this for a second if you will. She’s sitting in the trolley, and as people with baskets walk past she relieves them of whatever she can reach and dumps it in our trolley!
  • Luckily I saw this straight away and gave her a stern talking to, also I stuck to the middle of the isle and gave passers-by a wide berth just in case.
  • Next up when we got to the till she wanted something but wouldn’t let them scan it. Again we had to have some drama about paying for goods or else it’s stealing. I don’t think she fully gets what it’s all about, or is genuinely trying to take the stuff, she just doesn’t want to lose sight of it even for the two seconds it takes them to scan it at the till.
  • The guy behind us was laughing his ass off of course when we got to the, “You have to decide if you really want it. If you do, give it to the lady so that I can pay for it – if you don’t, then put it down or the police will come for us” part of the conversation.
  • I overheard her singing to herself the other day…you’ll never guess what! “teacher, leave those kids alone!” Mwahaha! Who’s been teaching my kid Pink Floyd?! I know it’s not me, because I don’t actually have this on my playlist – but I’m very curious as to where she might have picked this song up. I just can’t imagine teachers actually playing it at school?
  • Last night when I told her it’s time to go home she tells me that we can’t leave yet. So I ask why not. Usually she’ll say that she’s not done visiting yet, but yesterday she said if we go now Ouma will be very sad – Hahaha! She’s not wrong, but it was very cute the way she said it.
  • We had a little family braai with my dad’s side of the family yesterday. It was great to see everyone again. Nicola, who is usually pretty shy at these events was in her element yesterday. She was playing with everyone and was laughing almost all of yesterday. Nice belly laughs for just about everything. And giving hugs goodbye – practically unheard of for my daughter.

It looks like we’re headed into our first winter sicky with Nicola. So far I’m keeping a lid on it with Septoguard and herbal things, please keep your fingers crossed that it’s enough to get us through. I’m not really ready for the parade of antibiotics to start up again.


Winter is coming… Winking smile




Family lunch at Papachino’s for my mom’s birthday (18 March, if you want to see how far behind I am with photo posting).



  1. Nicola is absolutely gorgeous

    • Awe… thank you! 😀

  2. Oh no! I am hoping that she does not get sick. My two are now recovering from last week’s flu and coughing.
    I can only imagine how that guy behind you LOL about the whole situation.

    • Thanks…I hope it blows over too. It’s going to get better or worse, we’ll probably know by the wekend which. Yeah, I’m a constant source of entertainment to fellow shoppers. 😉

  3. Ai, everyone in our household has been sick this past two weeks….so far it the virus skipped me….long may this last. Your Nicola is a very cute little girl.

    • Thank you! Hope you miss out on this round, ours isn’t as bad as all that (right now) but I’ve heard some people get taken down for 5 week stretches and even end up in hospital.

  4. TOO cute!!!! I would also laugh at the thought of police coming after us

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