I owe you quite a few updates

27 May , 2013

Of course I haven’t downloaded any photos to go with it so you’ll just to have to look at these in the meantime. 😉


I actually don’t even know where to start. We had a quiet weekend planned, so obviously you can guess that it did not end up being that at all! 😆

My cousin and his family surprised us all the way from the South Coast for the weekend, and let me tell you the girls had my parents’ place on its ear! Stehan’s daughters are 2,5 and 1,5 and of course Nicola is 3,5. Between the three princesses only one is good with sharing – I’ll give you a clue – it’s not mine. In between all the bickering and head butting they had a lot of fun too, and it really was good to see them all. We had a bit of excitement yesterday when everybody thought that someone else was looking after the 2,5 year old daughter and we momentarily (or about 20 minutes worth of moments) misplaced her in Westpac! While her parents were searching the place and surrounding parking areas for her I stayed with the trolleys in one of the isles and she casually arrived there on her own after a bit, pushing a trolley and trailing three security people, like nothing was wrong. What a relief! I fully get why some children have to be on leash when their parents go shopping…

On Saturday we also got to show Blackhuff and her family our botanical gardens, and of course the famous waterfall. Hahaha, I was a bit nervous when we said let’s make it a picnic because I know that they’re really into healthy eating at the moment (and we’re really not), but it turned out to be a complete non issue (even though I actually popped into the shop to pick up some fruit and cheese instead of our normal picnic food which usually comes from the Colonel’s kitchen). I know, silly right? Thanks M, we really had a good time showing you guys around – and the ice cream was delicious. 😉 Ps! As we’re driving home I asked Nicola, “So, het jy lekker piekniek gehou by die botaniese tuine?” “Ja mamma, maar waar was botanie?” It doesn’t translate well, but trust me – very funny.

And I haven’t even told you about the weekend before this either! We went to Monte Casino bird gardens with my old roomie from high school and her daughter. Again we had the most perfect weather for being out and about and I think the girls both really had a great time. We had such a laugh at the end of the bird show when they bring out the python for photo ops and touching. Nicola touched it and loudly exclaimed that he feels just like a purse! This earned us a dirty look from the guy wearing the snake at the time, but I thought it was hilarious.

I am now convinced that THIS time of the year is actually the best for outings of any sorts. It’s not so bloody hot and muggy like it is in summer and not unpleasantly cold like it is in winter with those nasty dry and freezing winds. It’s just perfect for wandering around and spending time outdoors.

I am now officially adding autumn to my list of favourite seasons along with spring.

Ps! The school project is coming along nicely. We will need to buy whatever we didn’t get by the end of this week and we start with the actual work on Saturday. Everything needs to be up and finished by the 7th, when we’ll be having a little party for the children. Keep your fingers crossed that everything comes together please…I really want this to be a success.



  1. LOL about Nicola asking where the botanie is? I get and it’s so funny 🙂
    It was a pleasure hanging out with you guys. You’re not the only one who are always nervous hanging out with us due to us being so healthy but like you saw, we can still enjoy picnics and things like that with people 🙂
    Glad you had a great time at the Monte Casino bird gardens

    • Hahaha, yip – I was nervous, but completely unneccesarily.

  2. Wonderful that you had time to spend with Marlene. Love meeting up with blog buddies. I am a new reader to your blog, referred by Cat.

    • Welcome! 🙂 Do you also blog? Your name doesn’t come up with a link for me to follow?

  3. Ag die cute Nicola en haar se dinge!

    • Sy is soms vrek-snaaks sonder om dit te bedoel. 😉

  4. I love the purse comment – she’s right!!!

    Glad you all had fun at the gardens 🙂

    • Hahaha! yip, she is. They’re a lot warmer than I thought they would be – someone mentioned that they probably keep the snakes under some heat lamps. Makes sense…

  5. I am with you on Autumn being THE season. Sounds like you guys had loads of fun at the gardens. That’s fantastic.

    • I am seriously a big fan of the two in between seasons.

  6. Sounds like you are having fun 🙂 I agree about weather this time of year – its my favourite!

    • Heeltyd speeltyd! 😉 Yes, we had loads of fun.

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