Last week and weekend

13 May , 2013


Don’t get too excited, I still have one batch of Balitto photos to release. 😉

This is a drawing Nicola did last week. Isn’t it amazing? Till fairly recently most of her drawings were just scribbles, but these are definite things and people right here. I remember Cat writing about how sometimes when something clicks it’s such a big change (especially on the drawings) and here I have some of my very own proof.

Anyhoo, the figure on the right in the Mr. Incredible suit with the pirate beard and without arms is what nicola believes her dad might look like (he doesn’t look like this at all, just so you know). The three blockish things on the rest of the page are glasses and then there’s the sun, must be hot and he must be thirsty? Pity he can’t drink any of that without arms. 😉

I must say I really like this drawing and I’ve stashed it in a safe place. (usually she enjoys cutting out the things she’s drawn almost straight away).



On Saturday we went shopping, and Nicola who doesn’t usually dress herself got bored and started fitting anything she could yank off the shelves. “How do I look mommy?” Hahaha, so cute! You should have seen her wandering past the lingerie department. First she complemented the manequin on her choice in underwear and then she was holding up briefs against herself to see if they would fit. The shop assistants were literally on the floor laughing.

At least we all had fun…




Last week my gran’s house in Thabazimbi had to be packed up because it’s been sold. One giant trailer of things came to my parents’ house and we all helped to unpack it. Nicola insisted on helping too of course!


Drama, drama, drama! The pink terrorist was baking cookies with my mom and made a grab for one of the cookie sheets to help take them out of the oven. I had her under a cold tap before she could even start crying and I’m glad to say that I think everything will be okay, even though we all got a giant fright! She’s got two blisters on her hand now, but I think they will heal up quickly – thank goodness.


I bet you’ve never had a sandwich with sugar paste flowers on it as a topping? 😉 Neither have I. My mom promised Nicola a hot dog, and then discovered that she didn’t actually have any viennas in the house – this is the only thing she would take as a substitute. 😆

Last week was rough work-wise, as it was my deadline for the secret tool reporting and the general chaos that comes from that and shaking the necessary information out of all the nooks and crannies as per usual.

I had a really nice mother’s day with the family. We decided to order in instead of braving a restaurant and play area with Nicola’s still pretty tender hand and we all had a great time.  My brother tried to prank Nicola by saying he didn’t get any food for her and she was so upset with him that she refused to eat the food once he came out with the punchline, so she had part of mine instead and I had hers. Luckily we were both having ribs, but she made very sure that she didn’t eat any of the ones bought for her that were involved in the prank. 😉

The wedding arrangements are coming along for the kids. They will most likely be headed down to the coast again this coming weekend to check out possible venues and I think my parents will be joining them on this round. My mom keeps asking me what I’m going to wear but i haven’t even given it a thought yet, since we don’t even know when the wedding will be yet (so far it looks like some time in September).

Do you stress about that kind of thing well in advance? Ireally don’t…well I guess I would if I was the bride, but other than that I’ll probably end up wearing the first thing I yank out of my cupboard.



  1. Ouch! for that hand. I remember having done something similar when I was 5 or 6. Poor thing, but I’m sure it will heal quickly. On the wedding, I don’t worry about that kind of think too far in the future. I find it to be just a bit of a waste of energy, seeing that soooo much can still change / happen until then. Just don’t do what I do and leave for a day before! I’m sure it will all work out peachy

    • I felt so sorry for her…poor baby. I’ve had some spectacular burn wounds myself so I know how much it hurts.

      I’ll start looking at something once I know for sure what the date of the wedding is. 😉

  2. you’re going to love this! My kids are FASCINATED by Afrikaans. They keep asking me what’s the Afrikaans for this and that. I had to google “jersey”, etc.

    no, I definitely don’t worry about what to wear. I grab what’s clean and presentable about two hours before 🙂

    • I do love that! Hehehehe…if you need translations you are more than welcome to ask me too. 😉

  3. Ouch! I burned my hand once on hot plates. My mom put my hand under cold water and then used white wine vinegar on my hand. I didn’t get a blister after that, even though my whole hand was burned. I don’t know if there is something in the vinegar actually, but maybe look into it for a possible relief aid in future?

    • Mmmm…haven’t heard about that remedy before. Thanks, I’ll keep it in mind. Didn’t it burn at all, or can’t you remember?

  4. Accidents do happen for times to times. Luckily you got her hands under the water before she could start crying. Ouch.
    That drawing of hers are so cute.

    • I also think the drawing is super cute, thanks! The cold water thing is like an instinct for me now. From my own burn wound I remember very well how important it is to get everything cooled off, and to keep it under for longer than you might think is necessary because if you take it out it sometimes starts heating up again from the inside out.

  5. ouch, ouch ouch ouch, that hand looks too sore. How is she now? Hope better…. I am actually twitching just looking at it. Poor Baby 😦

    • Except you are the bride or in the bridal party or mother of the bride or groom, it might be a tad bit too early to be lookin for a dress. I usually only decide about a week or so ahead of time depending on the dress code

      • That seems very reasonable to me. 😉

    • She’s much better, thanks! Almost all of the redness is gine now and she only formed two blisters, one small and one bigger over the base of the thumb area. The big one burst yesterday and seems to be healing pretty good and the other one looks like it might heal up without bursting. We’re just keeping it as clean as possible at the moment, but the blisters were closed long enough for the next layer of skin to form underneath at least.

  6. […] were from a few weeks ago when we went shopping and Nicola randomly started pulling things off the shelves from the grown up […]

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