April seen arounds – flowers

13 May , 2013

Can you believe that I didn’t even see one odd thing in traffic for all of April?!

Me neither…


  1. A flower given to me by my darling daughter – I just liked the look of it on that wall, so I had to take a picture
  2. Strelitzia at my parents’ home – such a robust plant this one – it’s always trying to take over the drive way no matter how vigorously my dad cuts it back
  3. The weavers found my day lily and ripped it all up for nesting material. They left only the poor flower stem in the end – not even a single piece of leaf survived their onslaught. It still flowered beautifully, and I really hope it makes a recovery from the attack by the birds.


  1. Flowers are just so pretty. I love to photograph them. Great photos.

    • Thank you! 😀

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