Some cute to end off this week

10 May , 2013

This is Nicola’s new favourite song. She knows ALL the words, and likes to belt it out every now and then. It is beyond cute to see. I am just sorry that i didn’t manage to catch it on Video, but I was trying to pick up my jaw hearing those big words coming out of my little pink terrorist verbatim!

More cute this morning:
The road we live on is EXTREMELY busy during peak hours, because everyone uses it as a back route between two other busy roads. So getting a gap to pull out is some days a bit of a challenge. Finally this morning I spotted the gap I needed and gunned for it. Unfortunately a pedestrian has snuck out from behind some trees to cross our driveway and only by some sort of miracle did I manage to stop in time and not hit her. I said to Nicola, “Sjoe! mamma het nou groot geskrik! Amper ry ek daai tannie raak.” She looks at me and says, “Mamma, jy is ‘n silly goose…” (to make this better you need to know that “stupid” is an outlawed word in our house, silly is the word we are allowed to use instead). 😆

Then as were driving to school, she says, “Mamma, where is your sister?” “I don’t have a sister.””But WHERE is she?” “Nicola, I don’t have a sister – I only have a brother.” She looks at me and says, “Who is your brother?” “Oom Riaan is my brother.” “No he’s not! He’s Tannie Karen’s pappa.” (I am hosing myself thinking – who’s your daddy?) So I say, “No he’s not her pappa, but soon they’re getting marries and then he will be her husband.” She says, “Whaaaaaaaaaaat?” (just like that). “Yes, when they get married he will be her husband and she will be his wife.” She thinks about this for a bit and then says, “Yes, that will be good – then she can be a princess so that she can dance.”

I’m not sure what the two have to do with each other, but it certainly brightened up my day! 😉



  1. HahaAAAAAAA. Oh hells. I must’ve heard that song about 5938395552485-95494-56496 times. Yes, that many. Know it verbatim. Excellent sentiment though!

    • That particular Barbie movie is ptobably my favourite of the lot because it has a beautiful soundtrack. I was just surprised at how well she remembered every single word!

  2. i think it’s because brides look like princesses 🙂

    glad you didn’t hit that person. It’s a miracle every day I don’t… they just dash in front of the car!!!

    • They really are quite reckless! Still, I should have looked properly…thank goodness I at least glanced.

  3. Kids say the darnest things and make one laugh 🙂 Nicola is very cute.

    • Thank you! Yip…they certainly do.

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