3 May , 2013


Classic example of what the pink terrorist does when you dare split your attention between her and someone on the other end of the phone! 😉


I have been very quiet this week…reason being that my stupid work laptop crashed Tuesday morning and it has only partially been repaired and handed back to me today. (Some bits that I was very fond of are still not working and I am wearing my not-so-impressed face all over the building). I had to take someone from IT hostage this morning to get most of my things up and running again (I’m not even kidding about that). I had to let him go when it became clear that he wasn’t the best candidate for the repair…I already have my sights set on the next culprit for next week.

Luckily all of my work stuff was on the server, I only managed to lose my personal folder which was on the desktop. And when I say lose, I mean it was recovered in the format it was exactly two years ago – which is kind of strange in itself.

I am very traumatised and busy reconstructing my stuff that I lost as we speak. I’ve missed every single meeting I had for the last three days because I couldn’t get to my calendar, so there is also a fair bit of rescheduling going on. On the upside I managed to read an entire murder mystery at my desk this week and clog up all the shredders on this and the IT floors of the building.

What are the odds of having severe problems on both my computers in one month?! (don’t even answer that)

Anyhoo, I’m having a bit of a sulk for now – but fear not, normal programming will resume soon-ish. If I have f-ing 3G signal over the weekend I’ll pop by all my unread feeds and play comment catch-up too. I have not been ignoring you, I’ve had no signal and no alternative way to get there.

Have a good weekend, and remember the golden rule: back up, back up, back up! (two files lost out of gazillions, or one lost and one preserved in a two year old version of itself, I think I may have come out ahead on this one this one single time) 😉



  1. Now this is murphy’s law – 2 computers breaking in one week. Grrrr
    Hope you get back into the swing of things smoothly.

    • Thanks – it’s not exactly smoothly, but getting there at least.

  2. Ai, that;s a tough break computer wise. Have a great weekend

    • Thanks, you too!

  3. you’re decidedly cheerful – I would be FREAKED! I’m going to send you an article though.

    btw, you’re the second person this week this has happened to…. a sign to back up my photos TONIGHT!

    I donb’t understand the 2 year thing – did the back up only save a 2-year-old version?

    • I didn’t get the article? Back up, back up, back up! Do it now.

      The two year thing is a bit of a surprise. they don’t know how they did it either and I bet you if I asked them to, they wouldn’t be able to recreate the incident even if they wanted to. My dad says they probably changed the location of the file two years ago and didn’t update something or another, who knows…it’s gone either way and replaced with things from the past.

      Obviously I’ve now moved my personal shit onto the server as well, those things were as safe as houses and I lost nothing except the desk top short cuts to them – thank goodness.

  4. YIKES, that would totally drive me up the wall. Always safest to save things on the network/server, as far as I know that you should usually be very up to date.

    Hope the computers are up and working back now?

    • Pink terrorist is not to be messed with 😆 hope she didn’t poke our her Ouma’s eyes

      • Hahaha! No…but she tried her best.

    • Yip, thank goodness. I enjoy reading novels at work as much as the next guy but this is my deadline week and I really needed it up and running again.

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