The rest of the weekend wrap

29 April , 2013


Beautiful sunrise…


Thick as thieves these two!


I love this dress…it was just perfect for some fun on the beach.


Yes, yes…I know – by the time we get through these Ballito picks it will almost be time for us to go there again! 😉 You’ll have to bear with me, because I really like them all too much to skip them. 😉

We had a lovely breakfast at Papachino’s with my friend Fluffbunny, and we also bumped into T&V and their adorable little one A, which I haven’t seen in ages. Nicola is a great fan of the gingerbread men at this restaurant and it’s not hard to see why – they are delicious! (She always hangs on to a bit to feed the Koi fish outside with – the fish are also great fans of these biscuits).

We also did a grocery run on Sunday. Poor pink terrorist was so tired from all night combing and scratching that she fell asleep in the trolley (of course I have a very cute photo of this – which I will show you one day when we’re done with the holiday photos).

My folks are away for the week in a rented caravan (my mom is trying to convince my dad that this is THE way to have vacations – but it’s been an ongoing discussion for at least the last 20 years so i’m not sure how that’s going). We were invited along but I have an inherent fear of caravans and their tiny can’t breathe spaces, so I declined. Also, I thought Nicola could do with a bit of quiet time just to reset and calm down after her recent bout of outbursts (that’s actually going great by the way – she’s been such a pleasure to be around these last few days).

Shame, the longing has been bad though. We all miss having Ouma and Oupa around, but Nicola especially. Yesterday she wanted me to drive their and bring them back, even catch them with a net if I had to. And last night when we gave them a call, the first thing Nicola asked my mom was, “Ouma, hoe lyk ‘n klein kariba?”. Pity their reception was so bad because we never got to hear the full answer to that question.

I bet their will be a massive reunion on Friday when they’re back. 🙂

So anyhoo, you obviously know that I spend most of this past weekend combing and scratching and boiling stuff. And on that topic I thought I would just share this lovely Wikipedia page with you (especially for those who have been so lucky to not have seen one before!). The reason why I found myself perusing this particular page today is that I wanted to double check the expected lifespan listed on one of the many boxes of treatment I have. And wouldn’t you just know it, it’s bloody wrong! Your average louse can live up to a month, not seven days! The eggs are six to nine days, which is what I assume the box is on about. And apparently blow-dryers are really bad for them (good to know) and they can’t jump (apparently they can hardly walk on a flat surface and only have legs designed for clinging) and they are exclusively human-hosted.

I must say that I really enjoyed the paragraph on nymps – so I’m going to show you highlights from that one specifically (just for shits and giggles): with my commentary in bold of course!

The time required for head lice to complete their nymph development to the imago depends on feeding conditions. At minimum, eight to nine days is required for lice having continuous access to a human host.[1] This experimental condition is most representative of head lice conditions in the wild. (“the wild” is your average human head by the way – I know that I am going to enjoy thinking of my head in those terms from now on! Especially on bad hair days)  Experimental conditions where the nymph has more limited access to blood produces more prolonged development, ranging from 12 to 24 days.[1]

Nymph mortality in captivity is high (I assume this mean test tubes or petri dishes, but this sentence really had me in stitches) —about 38%—especially within the first two days of life.[1]  In the wild, mortality may instead be highest in the third instar.[1] Nymph hazards are numerous (this is true not just of lice nymphs, as far as I know). Failure to completely hatch from the egg is invariably fatal and may be dependent on the humidity of the egg’s environment.[1] Death during molting can also occur, although it is reportedly uncommon (I wonder how one would go about reporting that, and to whom?!).[1] During feeding, the nymph gut can rupture, dispersing the host’s blood throughout the insect. (I can’t find it in myself to feel sorry for them) This results in death within a day or two.[1] It is unclear if the high mortality recorded under experimental conditions is representative of conditions in the wild.[1]

There are loads of other interesting facts throughout the whole page…actually a fascinating read if you can get over the pictures on the right hand side.

I finally found out who the culprit was who brought them into Nicola’s class this morning. She’s had hers for three weeks already and her mom looks about ready to burst into tears. I must make a note to tell her about the purple box leave in for 8 hours goo (L-Free) we tried secondly, that stuff smells of nothing but really seems to do the trick. Also it has the word eradicate lice on the box instead of treat…and I would much rather be doing that! We started off with a cream and green box trio of products (Treet-It) which smells so strongly of tea tree oil, I think it has been permanently imprinted on my brain, but I think I might hit retirement before that actually completely sorts out the problem. I think the purple box goo will do it (it coats everything in a silicone-ish layer and smothers the critters), but if not I still have a cream and maroon box (Controlice) to try – which reeks of liqorice and does exactly the same thing.

Hope you all have an itchy free week ahead… 😉



  1. You’ve got me thinking about checking Luke’s hair again!

  2. um yep, scratching again!

    will you stop!!!

    • Hahaha! Sorry…not another peep out of me on this.

  3. See previous comments. Controlice also works.

    • Thanks Cat! 🙂

  4. No more lice business! I think my eyebrows are itching now!! I hope you have boiled/treated/bleached everything to death.

    And what is a caravan? I’m think of your parents traveling in gypsie wagons like vagabonds. 😉

    • I have indeed…I think we need one more treatment this coming weekend and then this ordeal should be over.

      Hahaha! Almost like that. It’s like a glorified tent on wheels that you hook up like a giant trailer. Here’s a picture of one I found: http://m.olx.co.za/item/show/314278343

  5. I did not know that lice can take so long on a human host. That’s gross, interesting and gross 🙂
    Shame, can imagine how your little one is missing her grandparents. Would also loved to have read what the answer to her question was 🙂

    • There is a big reunion in the making for later today…and we’re doing a little slumber party there tonight. 😉

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