What has been seen, can never been unseen…

28 April , 2013

A few weeks ago Nicola’s school sent a letter saying everyone should check their youngsters for head lice and treat if necessary. We’ve seen letters like this before but we’ve never had a problem before. No biggie… (Ha! If I only knew).

I checked and found nothing as usual. I suspected that the detangle spray might be putting them off and just to be on the safe side I chucked some tea tree oil in the bottle for good measure. I checked in with the teacher and she assured me that she also hasn’t seen any lice activity on my child but that they did have at least one kid in the class with critters.

Well…let me share some theories with you:
– While it may or may not be true that tea tree oil could keep lice away if you start out with an uninfected head, when I sprayed that stuff on Nicola’s hair all I did was PISS OFF a previously unnoticed and peaceful stealthy colony of them.

The scratching started…at first I thought she might be allergic to the oil and it was irrirating her scalp perhaps (mwahaha…so innocent…so naive!). The scratching picked up the point where she teased her hair into something resembling candy floss texture even after I rather hopefully chucked out the modified detangle spray.

Big surprise…I spent most of yesterday afternoon combing treatment through both of our heads of hair (bottle recommend 5 minutes but we went for an hour just to be safe). The whole house smells of bloody tea tree oil now.

Combing and combing and combing and combing and combing…boiling hair brushes, clips and elastics…combing and combing and combing…disinfecting bedding and washing and washing and washing…and combing and combing and combing.

AND WE’RE STILL F-ING ITCHING TODAY! So we’ll keep going at this until that stops.

This is really un-fun. My deepest sympathies to anyone who goes through this on a regular basis. I have been quite traumatised by the whole experience and hope to never see another lice again.

Now you’ll have to excuse me because Dischem opens at 9:00 and I’m going to see if I can negotiate bulk discount on more treatment for us.



  1. oh my GOSH, I’m scratching my head in sympathy … and getting goosebumps just thinking about it!

    D and Connor have also just set off for Dischem.

    • It has already been QUITE an experience and we’re in for round two next weekend (lifespan of lice…just in case we missed even a single egg).


  2. My sympathies to you and Nicola. I know it can’t possibly be fun and I hope it passes ASAP. xx

  3. Oh NO! Worst stuff ever! I hope you’re free of it soon.

    Now off to a shower to stop my itchies!

    • Hahaha! Sympathetic itchies? Thanks.

  4. Welcome to public schooling! Don’t worry, I have had my bout of this with Luke too. It is something that will leave you itching long after they are gone, if you are a sympathetic “itcher” like me. With the head of hair that Nicola has I hope it passes soon!

    • It certainly takes a lot longer to work that little comb through all her locks. Thanks!

      I think we have nailed all existing critters and we’ll repeat all the treatments again next weekend in case we missed any of the eggs.

      I actually think I might just do this lice or no lice at least every month or two. You don’t bloody see them until it’s too late.

  5. I hope you get it under control soon. Lice are the worst.

    • Thanks, I hope so too!

  6. From veterans like us – use Picksan – the trea tree oil stuff does not work any more. Repeat after 5 days and then again after 10. (also organic stuff) For prevention (only when you are 100% sure you are rid of the buggers)- buy Lennon’s Bergamot essence. Put 1/4 in her shampoo, 1/4 in her conditioner, 1/4 in the detangling spray. The rest in the final rinse water after washing hair – and every time you wash again. Spray the detangling spray every morning. Has been workign for us for 3 months and everybody around A has had.

    • Aaah Bergamot! Smells a helleva lot better than tea tree oil. Thanks!

      • Also adds a nice shine to the hair and apprently helops to grow.

      • It really does do that! I know a lady who used that, along with Alkod oil when she had breast cancer treatment and none of her hair fell out.

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