Explain that?

26 April , 2013


Pure holiday magic… Smile


So, as I mentioned earlier this week – I sent my personal laptop in to have the fan replaced. I would have loved to write a glowing review here about that particular adventure all on its own but I can’t really.

The best I say is that “the guy” said they would collect on Tuesday, fix on Wednesday and deliver on Thursday – and they did. All the other things he told me they would do, didn’t happen though and I had to phone on five separate occasions to make sure what was happening now…and how much it would cost me.

At least it’s working again and I’m as happy as can be about that. (There is only so much Mickey Mouse Club House that a sane-ish person can watch in one week before losing the plot completely).

In the process of all of the above I have made a remarkable Secret Place discovery: our security guards have some interesting modus operandi. If you come in with a laptop in a bag then you don’t have to sign it in or out. If you carry it in your hand, then you do.

So on Monday I brought mine in a bag (so I was loaded like a pack mule with laptop bags)…no hassles. The security guard was on a pee break when the guys came to collect (I didn’t send the bag along, only the laptop). When the delivered on Thursday I subsequently was introduced to this rule because I had to sign it in. And when I left (laptop now back in bag) the guard was highly upset that I wanted to give him the permit, because why would I dare sign in a laptop in a bag?!

Very odd…almost like you can’t carry two laptops in one bag either?

Anyhoo, some cute Nicola-isms of the week:

  • Looking at a just slightly less than full moon earlier this week, the pink terrorist declared it a Honeymoon. Try as I might to explain what a Honeymoon really was, she remains unconvinced that she’s wrong about this one.  😉
  • On the subject of honey…little miss insisted on having a sandwich with honey on as a bedtime snack one night. She had about a third of it and then carefully put the rest on a plate on the bedside table, telling me she’s eat it later. We both fell asleep and when I woke up I chucked the now fossilised sandwich out of course.
  • OH THE DRAMA! When she woke up she immediately spotted the missing sandwich, and instead of going with the unpalatable truth about the dried out binned bread, i told her the mice ate it while we were sleeping. “Mamma! Die muise moenie my brood eet nie! Hulle moet die kaas eet! WaaaaAAAHHhhh” + big crocodile tears.
  • Anyway, a replacement sandwich was made at once and tears wiped off with care. That second sandwich went to school, shopping and visiting with Ouma and Oupa (all in a sandwich bag), and during the course of the day about half of it got eaten here and there – but in the end the rest also made its way to the bin (don’t tell on me, she hasn’t noticed yet).
  • This morning in an effort to distract Nicola from her extreme indignation at having to wear clothes to school, and related temper tantrums I pointed out a few traffic signs. I know she is particularly fond of octagons (pronounced oftagons). It worked and she started helping me spot the shapes of all the traffic signs we passed. I asked her which was her favoutite, fully expecting the oftagons, and she surprised me after a bit of thought with, “Hearts are my favourite…because it means love.” Awe, so sweet!


  1. I have started to wonder where you blog post of today were – you are late today 😉
    That thing regarding the laptops, they do it where my husband work as well. For a long time now. Can be a schlep but if you work in the IT department, you will understand why 🙂
    Have a great weekend.

    • Hahaha…glad to know soneome misses me. 😉

      It’s not the signing in and out that boggles me, it’s the fact that it depends on the presence of a bag?!

  2. At D’s work, they each have to open their boots every day to be checked…..

    At ours we don’t do any checking of laptops, etc.

    • All or nothing approach…that I get. 😉

  3. No checking of laptops or opening of boots in these parts. Nicola’s too sweet!

    • In three years I’ve never had to open my boot here either.

      She’s a real sweetheart. 🙂

  4. Ohshe is so very very cute. And that laptop thing is just palin stupid

    • Very stupid! Thanks 🙂

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