Try to keep up…it’s been busy since I last posted ;-)

10 April , 2013


Everybody loves…John dory’s? This was taken on our holiday of course.


Movies and popcorn – a winning combo if ever there was one!


There was this empty cupboard at the rental place that Nicola took over as some private space. Excellent hiding spot and she kept most of her toys in there too.


Having a picnic with Barbie dolphin and her Leappad – as you do…

Now for the ramble:

Well, firstly I was sick as a dog (again). This time however I decided that if I could let Nicola battle one round without antibiotics in the name of a healthier winter then I bloody-well needed to do the same.

So I did.

I won’t lie…it was ROUGH. At some points I had so much phlegm on my chest that just breathing made me sound like a purring cat. It was hell.

Last night marks the first night in what feels like forever that I didn’t cough myself awake at any point during the night. Subsequently I feel like a million-ish bucks today. I would have felt even better had I not woken up at 4:30 from a nightmare! Mwahaha…in my mare I was getting married to someone I WOULD NEVER get married to in real life, and for some reason in my mare I kind of popped into the situation after the I-do’s and I kept trying to figure out why the hell I would have done that to myself. Eventually in the dream Nicola ate too much cake at the reception and threw up in my hand and that’s when I woke up…very relieved to find myself both still unmarried and without puke in my hand.

So remember that deadline I mentioned last time. Yeah…didn’t make that one, as anticipated – but I went for the next closest one, which wasn’t easy sailing either since I literally had to bully my colleagues into giving me what I needed to do the updates, some had to be bullied more than once! Everyone is kind of giving me a wide berth at the moment. You know that I am going to be on your case ALL day when I come in, looking mad as hell and start crapping on people before I’ve even plugged in my laptop.

In the process of, shall we call them negotiations, it just sounds better than strong arm tactics – I may have smacked someone’s hand and created star charts for the ones that really behaved like children (at the time). Oh hell, who am I kidding?! I definitely did all of that.

Yesterday Steamcleaner walked by while I was climbing into someone about inconsistencies in their reports and I got invited upstairs for a high five, homemade shortbread and a request to not actually kill anyone who works for her because she has a head count freeze. 😉

At the moment my LinkedIn profile says I am Agony Aunt and Keeper of Secrets…I am strongly considering changing that to Professional Nag and Wielder of Whips!

This week is going to be a whopper too. We are expecting so many delegates from secret place’s other locations that if we stick a flag on for each of them we could rival the UN buildings. No one is expecting good news to come from all of this. (Ps! I’ve been asked to take down my star charts until Monday because they’re going to “walk the floor” a couple of times between now and Friday).

There has been much more craziness here than I can actually write about – so I’ll zip my lip on that now.

On the home front:

Nicola is 3…going on 13! I am thrilled that she’s obviously got such a strong will, but a little cease fire goes down a treat every now and then too. When she’s sweet, she’s very very sweet. So sweet that you almost think you must have made up all the other stuff or imagined it.

I have this theory that I’d like to share with you quickly. Have you heard how they say you can’t psycho-analyse a teenager because they all test like psychopaths? Well, I’m convinced that all pre-schoolers/toddlers must test like people who are bi-polar. There is no middle of the road average mood, they’re either deliriously happy or so upset that they just can’t bear it. OH MY HAT! THE DRAMA!

Just this week for instance, she uninvited me to her birthday party for making her take a bath when she didn’t want to have one (good luck with that one pink terrorist – I may not always be the life of the party but I am the money bags behind this particular one – without me, there is no party). She also told my mom that she is NOT HER FRIEND ANYMORE, because my mom wouldn’t let her turn the meat and told her the oven was too hot.  When she told me about it though, she said that Ouma didn’t want to play with her anymore…

On Saturday, she tossed out all of her crayons and colouring pens all over the lounge. I asked her to pick it up and she refused! I said if I had to pick it up they were all going straight to the bin. She said, do it mommy – throw them away (imagine a little raised eyebrow and a challenge of sorts). I started picking up and decided that I was definitely holding them hostage if not completely throwing away (I would just have to bloody replace them anyway), when she popped out of the bedroom with a black crayon in her hand, “Hierso Mamma…jy’t die een vergeet. Gooi hulle almal weg!”

Mwahaha! Definitely my child in case you were wondering. That sounds like a classic play from my own book. Klein snip!

It hasn’t ALL been like that though. She’s also giving me the best hugs and kisses, told me she loved me, helped me wash dishes, helped my mom make melktert, helped my dad with a whole number of things, played hide-and-seek with my grandmother, brought me flowers, helped me wash my hair, and given me a kiss on the forehead when I had a head ache telling me that everything was going to be okay.

So in a nutshell, she’s been a bit of a brat for big parts of this last week, but also incredibly sweet in others parts of it. It’s like she senses that I feel crap and then she really hams it up. It must be that, because since I’ve started feeling better she’s become better and better behaved. (I know what you’re thinking, and no – I’m not projecting, she really is!).

*breath in*…*breathe out*

I must always keep in mind who the grown up is, and not get sucked into the spin cycle of acting out.

Say it with me: “Who’s the grown-up? I’m the grown-up! Who’s the grown-up? I’m the grown-up!”

Yeah…I better write that on a mirror or something. 😉

Biggest surprise of the week:

Nicola has decided that she prefers Litchi juice to crème soda! If you have any idea how much she loves crème soda you’ll know this is not a small thing. She hasn’t had any for two days already – all she wants is Litchi juice.

I approve! 🙂

We’re trying out something immune boosting based on a recommendation from my old boarding school roomy. She feeds her brood Scott’s Emulsion and swears by it…so I bought some for both of us. The goo for Nicola and the gel capsules for me.

Let me tell you that there are not many funnier faces around than the one that my daughter pulls when I give her a spoonful of that orange goo! Mwahaha! She hates it, and I suspect it’s the fish oil that does her in. Too bad she’s too young for the gel capsules because they really don’t taste bad at all.

Cutest word at the moment:

Abra-co-debbie! This is what Nicola thinks the magic word is – hehehe! Too cute. I may have convinced her that she could turn on the ceiling light in my gran’s room by saying it and then turn it off by blowing really hard. (I kept that up for a bit and had my gran in stitches, then when it was time to move on I had to inform Nicola that she accidentally used up all of the light switching magic). 😉

Anyhoo…that’s all from me for now. Hope your week’s off to a good start? Now that I’m feeling a bit better I am not feeling all that negatively about the impending winter. At least all the spiders will go into hiding, right? That is definitely an upside to winter for me!



  1. Your kid is a classic!

    And yes, I find with J & J that life is either scream-it-from-the-rooftops-AWESOME or a Double Hand Tragedy (when both hands are clapped over the mouth at the sheer horror) at any given moment. No grey areas!

    But damn, they’re cute! 😛

    • They sure are… their saving some days. 😉

  2. Yes, you’ve got it – bipolar!

    Yesterday morning Kendra was crying and crying about everything (she does sad crying not Connor’s wailing :)) because she was so tired from jumping around their bedroom at night/….. Last night we reminded them about their grumpiness and they actually listened after trying our patience for just a bit.

    SOOO nice to hear from you 🙂

    • At least yours listens to reason. You will not even believe what an ordeal getting dressed was at our house this morning!

  3. Oh my word…you had me in stitches.. Absolutely love Nicola’s spirit…the “crayon” thing were too funny..”gooi hulle almal weg”..how do you not laugh at that comment!!! Seriously

    • Sometimes I battle to keep a straight face through these things, but I really do try.

  4. PS…was wondering what happened to you..! Hope you get better soon

    • Thank you! I’m feeling so much better already – what a relief.

  5. I have to agree on the bi-polar thing…and it doesn’t stop at age three *sigh*. Sienna has resorted to telling me and Dean that we aren’t her parents if we so much as tell her that she has her shoes on the wrong feet. Followed by many hugs and kisses and “I love you’s” when we give her what she wants. Master manipulator in the making.

    • Mwahaha! Ouch. Well, legend is that someone once insisted on a blood test when such a someone was a kid. I guess I get what’s coming to me? 😉

  6. I’m glad you bought something to boost you and Nicola’s immune systems. It does help, even if it is just to recover more quickly from things like the flu or cold.
    I am so glad that she now likes Litchi Juice more than Creme Soda. That’s a huge plus for sure.

    • If the scott’s emulsion works I’ll take it morning, noon and night! I’m so sick of being sick all the time.

  7. Ohthey are allbi polar! I promise. Up until about 5 or 6.

    And I swear by Scotts emulsion – actually time we start on it again too.

    • They’re on special at Dischem at the moment if you need some. I just got one bottle each to start off with as a test.

  8. The dreaded flu bug…everyone at work seems to be going down around me like flies as well.! Hope you are using the Orange flavoured Scotts emulsion because I think that is a lot more palatable than the old original flavour.

    • Yip…we have the orange one. I was warned beforehand. I tasted it this morning and it’s not so bad as she makes it out to be. Maybe I didn’t shake it well enough the first time?

  9. She is growing up so fast!

    • In the blink of an eye really!

  10. 😆 😆 😆 bi-polar!!! Guess that’s why they say 2 is wonderful compared to 3 🙂

    • Hahaha! Maybe…and apparently four is even more action packed. 😉

  11. Definitely bipolar! She’s giving you a run for your money. And it sounds like you are having TONS of fun at your workplace. LOL…NOT.

    • The “fun” I’m having is spectacular…I resolve to have less of it because I think it’s making me behave rather unpleasantly and I’m sick of it.

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