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2 April , 2013


We have this thing we do when we go buy our monthly groceries. I let Nicola pick ONE thing off the shelves that’s not on the list and she can swop it out as many times as she wants while we’re in the shop, but when we leave there is only one thing in the cart that wasn’t on the list.

One month she picked a pretty pink dragon fruit…Hahaha! Usually I get away with a R12 mirror or a smallish toy or something. This one single fruit was just shy of R80! I rationalised it in that I have actually wanted to taste it too after seeing it on a website once.

So off we went with our dragon fruit (or as Nicola now calls it dinosaur fruit)…



I had to google a couple of videos to see how one goes about preparing such a thing, and apparently this is the way.

No big surprise, but after finding the inside NOT pink, Nicola refused to eat any. She put one piece in her mouth, declared it disgusting and spit it right up again. Everyone had a taste but the lion’s share of this was eaten by my dad and I.

Have you had it? It’s not disgusting, but I won’t buy it again. It’s very pretty though isn’t it? If I had to describe what it tasts like I’d say somewhat similar to kiwi, but not exactly. Somewhere between a kiwi and a lemon…sort of.


Nicola’s new wellies that Ouma bought for her – she calls these her snow boots, hehehe…


Saw this in traffic, and a few days later saw a different car with a 4mydad on it. I didn’t manage to get a photo of that one. I wonder if they’re related to each other.


Our rose bush…my mom bought it for us in February. I’m not too sure if it’s going to make it through the winter, but it had a glorious summer at least.


A cat and mouse brooch that Steamcleaner was wearing the other day…very appropriate for the meeting she was headed in to. 😉




  1. no, I have never had that and…. no intentions to either 🙂 I don’t like kiwi fruit at all!

    LOVE the snow boots though!

    • I thought you might 😉

  2. Lovely post.. I like the idea of a selection not on the list… but I’m surprised at the choice.. but it does show an inquiring mind… wonderful..

    • One month we ended up with a tin of chili pilchards too! She definitely likes the idea of new untried things.

  3. Never tasted dragon fruit but at that price I have no intention to

    • It is a bit of a rip off at that price…but I’m happy to have checked it off my to-try list now.

  4. I ate dragon fruit for breakfast almost every day in Thailand. It’s super cheap there. They are not nice unless they are properly ripe though. They’re sweet when they’re ready; otherwise they’re bland.

    • Mmm…maybe that was the problem then. How would you know that it was ripe from the outside?

      • I mainly relied on the locals to tell me. But apparently ripe ones are redder and softer.

  5. I actually had it once this year. It doesn’t taste bad but it doesn’t exactly taste that awesome either. Though now that I read Tamara’s comment I wonder if the one that I had was unripe? Don’t think I will have it again. It’s expensive!

    • It’s very expensive! I also don’t know if I’ll have it again…well, maybe if I’m in Thailand? 😉

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