Have fun!

28 March , 2013

I have not been very wordy this last week, but I promise it’s not because anything’s wrong – I’ve just been scuttling like a blue behind fly to get all my work squashed into the 4 days I had.

In fact, I would say that it’s actually going very well in my neck of the woods. Very, very well…can’t say why though, there’s no specific reason, but I am as happy as the day is long. In fact my gran asked me last night if I was in love with someone because I am apparently glowing.

I am not. I’m just happy. It’s a good place to be. 🙂

Anyhoo, I still wanted to tell you what Nicola pulled off on Monday:

She declared it Blou-Tazz’s birthday. We had to sing for the car and everything and she’s still working my mom for a belated birthday cake with candles. (The car is 13 in May, but Nicola reckons it’s 4 now). And as an extra special treat we had to eat pizza on Monday, and give some to Blou-Tazz so that he wouldn’t be hungry and bite Oupa again! (my dad helped move some bags from the boot over the weekend and the broken speaker’s screw sliced open his arm).

I love how excited she gets about things, and the little back stories she makes up to go with it!

I’m about ready to start packing up for this super duper 4 day long Easter weekend, so I hope you have a good one. Stay off the roads if you can, and if you are travelling be careful and come back safely.

Happy Easter from us!


So serious…


This is kind of rare. Usually when she sees me with the camera she hides, but on this day she graced me with one of those beautiful smiles. 😀


What a cutie!


Standard trickery on my part – let me take a photo of Oupa’s flowers, just hold them for me? 😉


So tired she can’t even hold her own head up…the mark of a good day. 😉



  1. ok, I’m kind of thinking maybe someone of the male persuasion is going to be super attracted to happy you and maybe your gran is a bit psychic 🙂

    I’m glad you’re so so happy!

    I’m doing really well too except for SUPER BUSY at work. But there are 4 days left…. and I’m counting down!

    • Hahaha! Maybe… 😉

  2. Ha ha ha your gran is funny! And Nicola is just too too too cute. Well happy birthday blou Tazz 😆

    Sorry about your dad’s arm

    Have a wonderful easter xxx

    • Thank you, and to you too!

      Blou-Tazz finally got his cake today, and we all had to sing and shout surprise!

      If a car could be surprised I’m sure it would have been…

  3. Happiness = awesome. LOL…your Gran is funny. And probably psychic. ALL the old folk are!

    • Yeah…I don’t know about the psychic bit. 😛 But she is funny!

  4. Ag moeder ma! So did Blou-tazz enjoy his birthday?

    • Hahaha…yes, I think he did. Even the blue cup cake she jammed in his grill. 😉

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