I still feel half asleep…

25 March , 2013

You can ask anyone who knows me…I never sleep late. I have never actually been able to pull it off. Yet all I seem to want to do at the moment is sleep! Obviously my body wants to try hibernation as an alternative to getting through this coming winter awake? Must be…

We had an action packed weekend. On Friday my aunt and my cousin’s two children came over to my folks and spent the night. His son is 5 now and his daughter 3, in fact she’s just a few weeks younger than Nicola, and in general they all get on very well.

Hahaha! One thing is for certain – the pink terrorist is not very good at sharing, especially when she wasn’t expecting company to begin with. When we got there Markus was playing with something small, and Nicola went bananas. She did not stop wailing until he gave her everything back, never mind that when they’re at their house she happily plays with all their things and they never complain. Even reminding her of this did nothing to stop the hysterics. (Definitely going on to the list of things I need to work on with her).

After dinner the mood improved dramatically, thank goodness. They all played together quite happily after that, and I got some lovely photos of the three of them together on Friday night and Saturday during the day. (I’ll post them after I download them of course).

On Sunday we joined Melinda for a picnic at Delta Park. The weather was glorious! I’ve decided that autumn weather must now be my new favourite picnic weather. It wasn’t cold enough to be uncomfortable or make you wish you were inside instead and not too hot either. I could have stayed in that park all day in that weather.

I don’t know if it’s the cooler weather or the school and Easter holidays, but the park was magically quiet as well and we had no trouble keeping track of the little people in the crowds. Loved it! 🙂

It was just one of those nice low key weekends. We got up to plenty, but it still feels like we managed to rest quite a bit too. I’m sure next weekend will be filled with sugar rush from Easter eggs, so probably not all that laid back like this one.

Speaking of Easter…do you guys usually do the hunt on the Saturday or the Sunday? And what else have you got planned for the weekend? I feel like taking Nicola to go see a movie, is there anything good and animated on at the moment?


*tried a different setting on my phone for this one – hahaha – sometimes it really does feel like I’m outnumbered, even though there is only one of her. 😉



  1. i have a half written post on easter for tues 🙂

    but bottom line, i don’t normally do a hunt (we only did last year because I wanted cute outdoor pics – I say that with no shame whatsoever) 🙂 🙂

    eeek – the sharing!!!

    those are my best weekends – both getting out and about, and lots of lazing around 🙂

    • I’ll keep a watch on my three feed readers for it… 😉

      I like the hunt idea. We did it as children, so for me it’s all part of the traditions of Easter.

  2. Thanks for joining on Sunday…perfect weather for a picnic.
    I will join you in the hibernation thing….absolutely exhausted.
    That second photo of Nicola had me squinting my eyes to make sure that I was “not” seeing two Nicolas…very cute

    • Thanks for inviting us along! 😀 We really did have a fantastic time. Hahaha…I just wanted to see what that setting did but I quite liked it when I did.

  3. The Croods are currently showing at some cinemas. That’s an animation movie. Saw the trailer, funny.

    • Thanks…I’ll go have a look at the preview. 🙂

  4. Yes we hunt on the Sunday… don’t know why the Sunday.. just comes down from 55 odd years ago when I was a kid…

    • If I remember correctly we also used to hunt eggs on the Sundays.

  5. I also can’t sleep late or nap even. Only time I could do it was in those early weeks of pregnancy – you know that tired where you can sleep on the floor in the middle of Pick n Pay you are so exhausted!

    We do the hunt on the Sunday 🙂 Friday is wedding decor day at my one bridesmaids house – braai, decor and pink drinks and thats it – I haven’t organised Easter Sunday with my MIL yet!

    • Pink drinks! Sounds like fun, enjoy! 🙂

      I can’t sleep later than 5-ish, but I looooooove afternoon naps.

  6. Never done a hunt before. Never associated Easter with chocolates or eggs until recently.

    OH I can sleep in if I have to, though I have a habit of waking up very early (think between 3am and 4am) and then going back to bed. And during the day, if I put my mind to it, I can nap for up to 2 hours (My hubby says I am Mrs Sleep)

    • 2 Hours seems like the perfect amount of time for an afternoon nap to me. Hahaha @ mrs sleep! I like that.

  7. Gosh, I LOVE sleeping late. I am a natural born night-owl and can sleep and sleep in the mornings. I can easily nap for 5 hours on a Sunday. We don’t do the hunt. I tried it though. Child1 would find his. Then Child2 would scream for Child1’s egg. Then Child1 would abandon his egg and search for Child2’s egg and claim it. It caused me anxiety. So we don’t do it. In fact, Child1 asked me last year to not do it.

    • We did briefly consider inviting someone over to have a bigger hunt with two children…but then I reminded my mom what would happen if this other child found an egg that Nicola wanted. Chaos! So we decided a hunt just for her is just fine by us. 😉

  8. Th hynt has to be on Sunday – the resurrection day as the eggs symbolize new life (apparently) The bunny always visits when we are at church. We all hunt and then distribute fairly.

    • That sounds like a pretty good way to do it. 🙂

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