Why yes, I am working today…

22 March , 2013

Post Human Rights day blues? Don’t worry – the proper weekend is almost upon us. 😉

I am finally really starting to feel a bit better. At the moment I have someone else’s voice though, which is always strange…but I slept like a champ last night. This public holiday mid-week must have thrown off my internal clock somewhat because I woke up at 7:00 this morning instead of 5:00. Mad scuttling followed of course, thank God for school holidays and blissful lack of traffic due to it! I managed to drop a very groggy Nicola off at school by 7:30 and still hit the office 10 minutes earlier than I usually do when I haven’t overslept.  

Let me tell you what the pink terrorist has been up to this week. I mentioned the tumble she took at school, right? Well, I heard the next day from the principal that Nicola smacked her! Mwahaha! I approve, and let me explain why. The principal saw Nicola walking around but she wasn’t aware of the tumble. For some reason she touched the back of Nicola’s leg and told her how cute she looked in that particular outfit (I’m not too sure why she would think this is appropriate, but I guess she had good intentions?). Nicola smacked her on the hand and told her not to touch her, “Dis nie mooi nie! Dis baie seer!” The principal commended me on raising such a spirited young lady who makes it clear that she doesn’t enjoy people just randomly touching her, and who is not afraid to let them know. 😉

And then, on the home front, there has been some more spider news. After last week’s home-wrecking vacuum incident that I caused, two daddy-long-leg spiders crawled out from wherever they were hiding and started building a brand new web under the kitchen cupboard. Nicola is thrilled beyond recognition that they “came back”! She has been stopping for a little chat with them numerous times throughout the day, she leaves plates of pretend food out for them and wishes them goodnight before she goes to sleep. They even get offered Creme Soda every so often. Best of all though is the serenading that they’ve been subjected to. I’m sure you’ve all seen what a daddy-long-legs looks like? They have those long skinny legs, and they kind of duck and weave when they move about, so it almost looks like they’re dancing? Nicola hauls out either the guitar or the drums and plays music for them to dance to…isn’t that just the cutest thing? (And I don’t even like spiders!). I think that I’ll have to leave these two there for a bit until she’s not that obsessed with them anymore. Luckily they eat other spiders, so if I was going to have a favourite sort of spider – this would generally be it.

Nicola got a very big spoil from my mom yesterday! Ouma bought her a pink tent (and matching sleeping bag). She is thrilled! We’ve all had to take turns at “sleeping” with her in it since it went up in the lounge at my folks’ place yesterday. She has dragged almost all of her toys in there with her, so getting in is not such an easy thing as you might imagine. At last glance there was the sleeping bag, a pillow, 3 play golf clubs, half a plastic tea set, an assortment of boxes and figurines, one dragon pool floater toy, one penguin boppy albeit deflated, a few puzzles and torches and lots more in there. You get the idea…CROWDED. I personally don’t feel ready to take Nicola camping anywhere…I would just prefer to have a solid door between her and the great outdoors, especially around bed-time (even more so now that she’s mastered the art of opening and closing zips on tents!), but it looks like she might really be into this kind of thing.

Do any of you camp with your children? At what age did you start? Any related words of wisdom?

Ps! We’re gearing up for Easter weekend and an egg hunt of note. In the process we’ve had to “quality test” a few sorts of chocolates along the way of course. Can I just say that Woolies makes these little 5-packs of salted caramel chocolate bunnies that are the YUM. I’ve bought 4 packets and none of them made it into the stash for next weekend’s hunt yet. They have major awe-factor, so cute, so innocent looking, so delicious – one is simply not enough – I get why they pack them in 5’s. Go get some! For yourself of course. Perhaps if I leave it till Friday and get two packets then, one might make it into the hunt provisions instead of my belly?


How bloody cute is that?! 😀



Love this facial expression she had going on here… 😆


Ps! What are you all doing about RSS feed reader replacements for Google Reader. I am using feedly in parallel with GR at the moment to suss it out. The app works fine on my phone, but I can’t get to it from work because we’re so backwards here that we use IE and you need Firefox or Chrome for it.

In general I find it okay-ish – not loving it as much as GR of course, but what can you do? Also, it has the nasty habit of not picking up the posts at the same time as GR does. Marcia your last post only popped up on feedly two days after it popped up on GR, even after I vigorously refreshed it a couple of times to try and rattle it loose.

I wonder if Google will do a RIP Doodle for Reader with a little tombstone when they pull the plug on it in a few months? *snif* I’m really going to miss my feeds reliably coming through to me.



  1. I’m using Feedly, but I see quite a few people have moved to BlogLovin

    • I saw that too…but when I read the reviews on the App store for it I decided not to even look at it. Hardly anyone scored it more than 1 out of 5!

  2. You’re not the only one working today. I too. I need to save my leave for workshops and exam dates in May and June.
    I use Bloglovin and loving it. Works good on apple products as well.
    Have a great weekend.

    • I’ll go check that one out as well, just in case. 😉

  3. I am working too…yahhhh…..!!!!. Love that Nicolas has given the two spiders an extended life…
    Still toying with the camping idea….thought of starting off somewhere quite modern and built up (like my backyard)…then we will take it from there

    • Hahaha…I have also been considering back yard camping for a test run!

  4. What was yesterday a holiday… damn I must of missed it…

    • Yip…it was Human Rights Day. 🙂

  5. No camping here – I don’t enjoy it. Kids have been a few times – not Jack yet though.

    I am using bloglovin – hoping it grows on me – I tried 3 others first and they were horrid

    • I don’t mind camping on my own…but doing it with Nicola intimidates me a bit. I guess I’ll have to try it out to see how it’ll go at least once?

      I installed Bloglovin and feedly apps now and I’m running them alongside GR to see.

  6. i signed up for one and have forgotten… but Suzanne and me (organising friend) are putting them all to the test and then we will decide – there are months left :_)

    LOVEEEEEEE the last pic!

    • Thank goodness they gave us all ample warning to try out a few different options! 😉

  7. I’m still in denial and waiting for everyone to try different things out and tell me which one to use. Don’t have the patience to test things out (maybe if I get paid for it, then I can write a review 😆 😆

    Don’t worry I also worked yesterday and till late 😦

    Oh your Nicola is just too funny. The expression on her face in the second to the last pic is priceless, love it

    Hope you back to 100% health now

    • Not 100% yet, but getting pretty close, thanks. 🙂

      I’m trying two out at once now…they are definitely not all created equal…and NONE of them so far as good as Google Reader.

  8. I also worked on Friday. Because I forgot that it would be a holiday. Both my DH and I worked. Very forward thinking we are. I have no idea what reader I will use. Don’t feel like checking. Am waiting for everyone else to check them out. I’ll probably panic on 30 June 2013. Although, there’s lots of feedback on twitter about bloglovin.

    • It looks like the hot favourites at the moment are feedly and bloglovin. I think either one of them will work just fine when the time comes…and neither of them feels as good as google reader but they’ll do.

  9. LOL on the easter egg testing. No idea what I am going to do without Google reader though. We camp with them from about 2 – but some folks do from tiny babies.

    • 2! That’s very brave. Do they stay in the same tent as you or their own? If their own, did they start out in the same tent as you?

      We must of course quality test the easter eggs… 😉

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