Quick-ish update

20 March , 2013

I’m giving you a little break from Ballito photos, but rest assured – there are still plenty coming. 😉

I’ve been off sick all week so far, so today is my first day back at the salt mines. It remains to be seen whether I’ll be having two Mondays or two Fridays this week (with Thursday being a public holiday and so on). Anyhoo, I still feel pretty crap – especially since I took the cortisone too late yesterday and had zip sleep last night because of it…but at least I feel better than Monday.

Pretty please let this be the beginning and ending of cold season sickies for me and Nicola…I would be tempted to learn how to do cartwheels of joy. It’s highly unlikely.

Some of the highlights since I last squawked on this here blog:

  • One of my colleagues told me that her laptop was possessed. Apparently last week some time her wall paper just became a picture of a turtle with people on top of it for no reason whatsoever. No small feat if you consider that the secret place does not actually allow agents to select their own wallpapers. I said, “Oh, like the discworld? How can you have a Terry Pratchett wallpaper possessing without letting me see it?!” see looks at me kind of blankly and new colleague next to her says, “No…it didn’t have the elephants on it.” I think she thinks that we’ve both gone mad. 😉
  • I went winter wardrobe shopping for the pink terrorist this past weekend. We got quite a few cute things, especially the bright PINK ear-muffs. A random stranger in the lift on the way out commented that we are now definitely geared up for any sort of blizzard that might hit Joburg this winter. (I’ll show you later when I’ve downloaded the pics).
  • I like to buy a few blank T-shirts for Nicola with each major shopping expedition, and then paint something on it myself with fabric paint. I got two long sleeve shirts this time round to decorate and what i had in mind for one of them was possibly either a train or a rocket with the words Creme Soda Express on it, but then I wasn’t sure about what to stick on the other one. Nicola has requested that I paint a PINK spider called Barbie on one…since that is now her most favourite animal, apparently.
  • Talking about spiders, while I was in bed for two days I thought I might as well get my domestic goddess on and give the house a quick vacuum along the way. This resulted in the destruction of a spider web behind our front door. This in turn resulted in a mightily upset Nicola last night. She was extremely concerned about where the spiders would be sleeping now that I wrecked their home! (Well, don’t rat me out but I don’t think that’s going to be a problem – I vacuumed them too along with some loose change so I’m pretty sure they’ve gone to that big fly trap in the sky). You cannot possibly imagine the level of hysteria this caused last night before bedtime. She then took one of her old baby blankets out of the cupboard and made a bed for the poor spiders right next to ours. It’s very sweet…if you’re not as scared of spiders as I am. She’s got a good heart, my daughter. 🙂
  • We also celebrated my mom’s birthday over the weekend by doing a family lunch at Papachino’s. What a nice place. Wow, we could not eat even half the food on the plates presented to us! What I thought was a nice tough is that they seem to have jars of ginger biscuits everywhere as well as a display of gingerbread men. Nicola helped herself to quite a few of these and they were completely on the house…isn’t that lovely? Between my brother, K, Nicola and myself we teamed up and tried to hit as many things on my mom’s wish list as possible (except for the diamond ring and caravan that she had on there in case we won the Lotto before her birthday), and we also got her some beautiful flowers, a bird cage and some nougat (my mom doesn’t eat chocolate). Nicola is now going round calling all easter chocolate bunnies nougat – which is a nice change from the bog standard Barbie we’ve been getting for months now.
  • We had some bath time drama last night. Reason being that Nicola took a giant tumble at school yesterday and has two skinned knees, many stubbed toes and a small collection of scrapes up the sides of both her legs…plus many bruises. The teacher says she was running, her foot got stuck somewhere and she fell down, they cleaned her up but she refused plasters and went on playing straight away after that. Nicola tells it a bit differently. In her version there was a three kid pile up running past the water tank they have outside, slipping and tumbling and one of the other kids who lost his foot in the incident because it completely fell apart. She has quite an imagination that one…Mwahaha! Anyway, I had to shut all the windows before I dunked my clumsy crusader in the tub with Savlon last night, lest the nosey neighbour comes to see if I’m abusing my child because of the screaming (the last time was a tantrum, where she kind of suggested if the screaming wasn’t because of a hiding then perhaps I should add one to the mix…no children or neighbours were harmed in that particular incident). It went pretty well if you consider she wasn’t keen to begin with and I had her in and out in under 10 minutes.
  • It’s been at least two weeks since I last broke my phone’s screen – the protective covers seem to be working like a bomb. 😉

Well, that’s my update for now. If I don’t cough up a lung before lunch time I might make this a full day at the office. I am very tempted to go home for a nap though – just so you know.





  1. Glad you’re feeling better!

    And hopefully the extra rest coming up will do you well 🙂

    • Thanks Marcia 🙂

  2. Happy to see that you are feeling better. I hope it stays this way for you and Nicola for a long time.

    • Thank you! 🙂

  3. SO sorry L. Glad you are feeling much better and I hope you made it to the end of the day without coughing our your lungs 😆

    Nicola is just too funny but so sweet at the same time. Poor Spideys, now where are they going to sleep!!!! Bad Bad Mommy 😆 😆

    • Hahaha…I know. I’m taking this as a parenting win by the way. I’m obviously not passing along my own phobias…that’s a good thing, right? 😉

  4. Ack! I hope you’re feeling better soon.

    P.S. Nicola is on to something, spiders are good bugs right?! So long as they’re outside!

    • Oh yes, they’re great…OUTSIDE! Unfortunately they seem hell bent on moving in with us. I don’t mind the daddy-long-legs ones so much cause they’re slow and I can outrun them, plus they eat the other spiders. If they could just stick to the out of sight places I’d leave them be – that’s huge for me when it comes to spiders.

  5. D has also been hit by some sort of lurgy – so has very “needy” for a week now :-/

    Hope you feel better asap!

    • Thanks Laura! Hope he feels better soon too.

  6. I take it you are better? I saw that Samsung Galaxy has a mini phone. Would you recommend it? I am tempted. It is half the price of the S3.

    • I’m feeling much better thanks.

      I’ve seen it, but I don’t have the mini and I’m not sure how it compares. One of my secret place colleagues from Dubai has one and she loves it.

      Usually when I pick a new phone I google, “Private reviews : samsung xxx” or whatever. And then I read between 10 and 20 of them to decide.

      Every phone has its weaknesses…just find out before if it’s one of your deal breakers or not.

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