Mid-week ramble

14 March , 2013

Just when you thought that you were never going to get anything else but Ballito photos out of me again huh? 😉

So, Google decided to rip the rug out under everyone this morning by announcing that they will be shutting down Reader from the 1st of July. Everyone and his dog that’s used to following RSS feeds are all looking for a new feed reader as we speak.

Saw a link for feedly on Twitter so I’m checking that one out myself – seems the most painless of all the ones I’ve looked at so far. I’ve downloaded the app and it’s pretty easy to get used to and navigate on my phone too. This is the solution I’m backing for now.

This week’s Nicola-isms:

  • Nicola now takes bird seed to school with her for the pigeons. Apparently they belong to her, and they are SOOOO hungry. Luckily Oupa has a whole bag of pigeon food and he was willing to share some with us.
  • Earlier this week she spotted a golden cloud (just about sunset time) and wanted to know who made it. I said God made it. Then she wanted to know who made the trees. I said God made them too. Nope…she said, he didn’t! So I ask her who made them then? She said Jesus did it. Mwahaha, okay Nicola…Jesus made the trees. But Mommy, why did Jesus make the trees? I said I don’t know but the trees and everything is a bit like his garden, and he sends the clouds to water his garden. We are living in his garden, almost like the ants live in ours. She’s accepted this for the time being, but she’s still questioning His motives behind the creation of the trees. 😆
  • On the topic of trees, we were chatting in the car about autumn and how the leaves are about to start changing colour again like last year. So Nicola’s favourite new past-time while we’re driving is to take guesses about what colours specific trees are going to change into. We get the expected browns, yellows, reds and so on…more there are also the more unconventional ones like pink, purple, blue, silver, gold, and black. You’d be surprised at how many of those trees are going to be turning pink and purple one of these days! Don’t say i didn’t warn you.
  • Every morning we have a little ritual when I wake Nicola up. First she gets a kiss on her check and I talk softly too her, saying it’s time to get up. If that doesn’t take (it never does), she gets some more kisses and tickles and an enthusiastic rendition of our wake up and get up song. Usually this does the trick and she loves it – wakes her up with a smile most mornings. As soon as those eyes open up she quickly thinks of something she either wants to eat or drink, either tea or crème soda or some sort of snack. We keep it smallish because she’s going to be having breakfast at school in about an hour anyway…but I humour her anyway, because it’s just the easiest way to get her going in the mornings. So this morning she says, “Mamma, ek is SOOO honger!” “Waarvoor is jy honger muis? ‘n Appel?” “Nee” “Miskien ‘n koekie?” “Nee” she says smiling “Wat van ‘n stukkie kaas?” “Ja! Asseblief mamma…die muis soek kaas! “ She had such a giggle about that, and so did I. That’ll teach me to give her a nickname like mouse. 😉




  1. That is the sweetest post ever! I giggled through most of it 🙂 you are doing such a good job with that little mouse Louisa. Interesting how motherhood just happens to you and by Jove it all comes naturally, much fun to be had.

    • Thank you for saying that! 😉 It doesn’t always come naturally – but it gets easier the longer I’m at it. I try not to anticipate too much what might be behind the next corner and just take it one day at a time.

  2. I Know!!!! I’m freaking out about my beloved GR!!!! Hopefully this feedly will be a good transition. In the old days there was bloglines and Google Reader, GR was FARRRRRRRR superior!

    • I’m going to miss Google Reader too, the feedly thing seems to be working okay but it doesn’t have the same look and feel at all. At least I’ve managed to pull all of my feeds in effortlessly, and I’ve even been able to add one without too much hassle.

  3. PS we are also LOVING the autumn leaves!

    • I think Nicola and I need to do one of those neighbourhood walks that I always see on your blog, and collect some leaves to play with. I see some sort of modge podge craft in our future. 😉

  4. Have never used the feeder thingy…Love the phots

    • Gosh! How do you keep track of everything you want to read?

  5. Must also check out Feedly. There is also something called Normandy apparently. I love this set of pics.

    • If you click on the feedly link in my post you’ll see they also use the Normandy back end. 😉

  6. I tried bloglines – took me all morning to figure out but I seem to have it now and I like you can put blogs into categories but still can’t understand WHY google would do this to us.

    Your little lady is absolutely gorgeous!

    • Thank you Laura! 😀
      I must say the feedly one was pretty effortless. The biggest thing was just to figure out what swipes do what on the app I downloaded, but I think I have it sussed now – and I like that I didn’t have to go add every single little feed on my own, it just pulled it in from Reader by itself. I keep track of looooads of dormant feeds too, every now and then someone that used to blog suddenly gets inspired to start up again after years and I wouldn’t want to miss any of that.

  7. I am 100% sure by June they will release a new Google reader or such.

    • Do you think so? that would be great, but I think if they were going to do that they would have just done it without warning everyone that they were going to cull this one? that’s how they did it when they replaced Picasa Web albums with Google+ albums as well as all the newsgroups.

  8. WHAT!!!!!My life would never be the same without GR (LOL), guess it might be a good way to do a clean up. But seriously why stop something that works.

    Guess we will have to wait till October to see the purple trees, but now I would love to see the pink trees

    • I was so upset when I heard about it…well, at least until I found a replacement. 😉 I was telling a colleague about it and he’s all like, “What’s Google Reader?” so I tell him it’s too keep track of RSS feeds, and he says, “What’s a RSS feed?” Mwahaha…perspective I guess?

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