I suspect she doesn’t like Mondays…

12 March , 2013

I’ve mentioned before here that every day when I pick Nicola up from school we tend to run through a couple of standard questions. How was your day? What did you do today? Who did you play with? What did you eat? You know…that kind of thing.

I have long suspected that Nicola just humours me with the answers on some of the days when she doesn’t feel like talking about it. I might ask the “What did you have for lunch today?” question and get an answer of “Food.” So I push on, “What kind of food?” and get “Normal food.” Hahaha, sometimes I just let it go, if she wants to talk about it, she will.

Lately though she’s been a bit more talkative, except on Mondays. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t like Mondays. I don’t suppose there are a lot of people who do since it’s all about getting back into the week’s routine after a weekend of doing whatever you felt like with whomever you felt like seeing, but this is how a typical Monday after school discussion goes for us:

  • How was your day?
  • Not good.
  • Why? What happened?
  • Nothing.
  • What did you do today in school?
  • Nothing.
  • Who did you play with?
  • No one.
  • What did you eat?
  • Nothing.

On Tuesdays she gets real lively again and tells me everything, but on Mondays I get no information whatsoever!

Last night when it was time to go to bed, she gave me a proper run around. Eventually I had to use my Mommy-means-business tone on her and reluctantly she got into bed. I thought that was going to be the end of it, but then I heard she was crying…poor baby.

She said she wanted to say goodbye to her Ouma. So I said we could phone Ouma so that she could say goodnight. Yes, great idea – she perked up considerably when I made the suggestion. However when i finally got Ouma on the line Nicola just started crying and telling my mom that she wanted her, so the next thing you know my folks came through for a quick cup of tea and to give Nicola a hug and a kiss.

My daughter was absolutely delighted, careening round the house showing off her toys and making Ouma and Oupa colour in with her and read books, and, and, and…hahaha! I’m glad they came through, and that it cheered her up, but this cannot become a regular bedtime procedure. She only settled down after 22:00 again!

Oh and about bird cages…a week or so ago Nicola picked out a little bird cage filled with bubble bath and similar goodies for my mom for her birthday, and I had been stashing it so that Nicola could give it to her (this coming Sunday for my mom’s birthday that’s on Monday).  

However, having Ouma IN our house so close to the present was just too much anticipation for Nicola. So my mom already received part of her gift last night. 😉 They actually had a bit of a gift exchange going on there, because my mom bought Nicola a new school bag (a pink and purple Tinkerbell one). Of course she loved it and went to school with it today.

Those two are really as thick as thieves!






  1. dodgy doll with one eye open 🙂 sweet girl, enjoy her Louisa, every single day.

    • Initially her eyes were open or closed together but I think Nicola jammed something in there once and now the poor thing has one lazy eye…

  2. She is working you… 🙂 your little social butterfly!

    at least you get some feedback. I get zip from Connor unless it involves some action on the playground – so and so pushed me or Kendra (he stands up for his sister – you know I’m of the push back club…) or so and so did this. Kendra does chat but that’s about who was wearing what………………….. yes, and I want to know what they did!!!

    • Oh, I knew that when she INSTANTLY cheered up after wiggling her way out of bed. 😉 I’m okay with exceptions now and then, as long as it doesn’t become the new rule.

      Hahaha @ Kendra telling you what everyone was wearing! Unless they sport a crown or wings, Nicola doesn’t really notice those kinds of things (and she’s usually the one wearing those).

  3. Oh she knows just how to get what she wants, clever little bunny! But just tell her I agree – Mondays are for the birds

    • Hahaha, yip – I’m not a fan either. 😉

  4. I love that your daughter love your parents so much. She sounds so much like my kids 🙂 Wanting their grandparents near them. Very difficult with hubby’s parents being so far away. Sigh.
    Don’t worry, my children also aren’t talkative when Mondays swing by. Nothing to say at all about the day. But come Tuesday, they are full of words and more.

    • She really is very close to both of them, but especially my mom. 🙂 I find the Monday un-talkativeness kind of funny.

  5. That doll is like the doll in Toy Story 3 which borders on being a thriller actually!!!

    I get these answers every day from Cameron – Kiara gives me every single little minute detail of her day!!! EVERY DAY!

    • Hahaha! Oh come now – she’s not that bad. 😛
      So you really have the two extremes in your house?

  6. that relationship she has with your parents is so very special 🙂

    • I’m really glad that they all have such a good relationship with each other. 😀

  7. Haahaaa…sounds like you talk to much on a Monday!!! Love the flower on the forehead

    • What do you mean?! Mwahaha…I ALWAYS talk too much! 😉

  8. 😆 😆 😆 If she wasn’t just damn cute it wouldn’t be funny at all. Lucky that her grandparents stay not too far away and are only too willing to indulge her

    And yes, that doll looks a tad bit dodgy 🙂

    • Yip, she’s very lucky to have them so close and willing to drop everything to come and say goodnight to her.

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