Ballito photos 2

12 March , 2013


Self portraits – they never come out quite right, do they?


I don’t know how I surprised myself with this one because I was pushing the button!


Finally i get it right to keep my eyes open and my brother has left the frame…


More walks on the wonderful walkway…


Oupa and Nicola…



  1. Self portraits, I love them, hubby and I and my sisters and I have figured out how to get good ones, sometimes easier to get bad pictures than get someone who might run away with the camera or phone (paranoid right).

    Can’t wait to see more pictures….

    PS: I really should visit this Ballito, even if just for the views

    • You really should! You will LOVE it down there, trust me. 😀


      Maybe I should organise a trip to Ballito for my 40th next year????

  2. hehe had a nice chuckle at those self portraits, so funny 😉 enjoy!!

    • 😆 i don’t photograph well, even less so when I’m taking the photo.

      • oh rubbish! I will take (more) gorgeous pics of you next time I see you!

  3. The perfect picture.. one that goes wrong… love the third one… did you punch him.?? (most sisters do)

    • Not that time…but I have punched him on occasion. 😉

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