My week in bullets

9 March , 2013


Can I just say…what a week!

  • It started with a flat on my car’s tyre when we came back from vacation. Silver lining: it turned out to be a slow puncture and I got it fixed quickly and cheaply.
  • I got sick with whatever Nicola had before we left. Silver lining: it’s seems to be clearing up nicely without medical intervention, even though it’s taking a while. This week’s been full of Septoguard and Honey with Apple Cider Vinegar in hot water (I know that sounds nasty but it’s soooo good if your throat hurts).
  • On Tuesday I ran over a cat on my way to work. It came out of nowhere and I was surrounded by fast moving vehicles so I couldn’t do anything except keep going without causing a massive accident. Silver lining: I didn’t cause a pile up and the cat didn’t suffer.
  • I got stuck in the longest most boring converence call at the end of the day on Tuesday. Silver lining: We got the slide deck ahead of time, I read through it while trying to stay awake, spotted the important bits at the end and convinced my colleague to put my phone down when it was finished. Escaped early.
  • Believe it or not, in the process of leaving, I dropped my phone again and the LCD died! Silver lining: Four mm on the left came alive briefly, long enough for me to stab guess where the buttons are and back up all my photos and contacts just in case.
  • I noticed that the cat I hit, had stolen my front number plate. Silver lining: After my initial panic attack and "not all this on one day – why meeee?!" situation, I got a quote and that’s just a R75 problem, easily fixed when I get to spend 10 minutes at any shop that does that kind of thing (unlike the R1800 screen situation).
  • My colleague hooked me up with a much more superior repair service than the first guy in Pretoria (there will be a separate post about all of this with details next week).
  • On Wednesday I attended my uncle’s funeral. He passed away while we were on vacation, and my cousins organised the memorial service for this week. Silver lining: At least we could attend and be there for them. You know me, I’ll take photos of almost anything – but this was honestly the first one where I have felt tempted to take photos. It was THAT beautiful! It was held on the banks of a lovely dam/river. The service was short and sensible with a lovely message. After the service they released a mass of helium balloons. Each one had a little acacia seed in it and each person got one to releases at the same time. It looked so stunning! Hopefully a few trees will come of this…
  • I had a hectic secret place deadline to meet this week. All the requirements changed with three days notice. Silver lining: After a bit of bullying the other agents did fall in line and send me the right information in time.
  • The secret place internet crashed with half an hour to go to my deadline and I wasn’t finished. Silver lining: They managed to get it back up again and it only threw out my timing with about half an hour. It was tense, but I made the cut-off.
  • Nicola has been such a champ this week (except for Wednesday when all the funeral schedule changes made one cranky cat out of her). Other than that she’s been all hugs and kisses and sweetness all week.
  • My mom finally sent her birthday wish-list! I may have hinted that if she doesn’t give me a clue I’ll have to go with Nicola’s idea…and Nicola thinks what my mom would really love is a pink bird cage. Winking smile 


  1. Hells bells – that is amazing that you found all those silver linings πŸ™‚

    I always emerge after a cat scenario thinking, “I can’t believe that cat is still alive”

    Ahem – a pink bird cage could be very fetching πŸ™‚

    • I won’t lie…I had to dig deep. And by Wednesday I was a basket case for a bit.

      Hehehe…the bird cage might be a strong contender. πŸ˜‰

  2. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Pink bird cage, ROTFL, seriously how does she think up these things, had better send my birthday wishlist in time before she decides I would really love a crawling insect as a birthday gift (LOL)

    I can’t believe you saw the silver linings in all of these, you are tough cookie, was definitely a very very full week

    • Mwahaha! Yes, those without lists will have to take what Nicola thinks will make them “so happy!” πŸ˜†

      Thank you, I am a tough cookie – even though I didn’t always feel it last week.

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