Photo catch up – siiiiinging in the rain

28 February , 2013

Okay, we weren’t actually singing – but we had a grand time anyway. 😀


So cute!



  1. Oh very cute – there is really something about a kid and an umbrella. Magic happens

    • She loves it! Not so much to keep her head dry but the walking with it in the rain she really loves. Magic, you’re right. 🙂

  2. oh man, that is adorable! Esp because it’s with Oupa 🙂

    I still want to take pics with umbrellas in the rain – it’s overcast here today, might rain, I’m working from home…. I might still get my wish.

    How’s beautiful Ballito?

    • Ballito was soooo good! We really had the best vacation ever and everything was perfect.

      So? Did you get your umbrella photos? Can we see yet?

  3. Lekker loop jou pa kaalvoet 🙂
    Love the last photo of your dad and daughter.

    • Ja, dis nie juis buitengewoon vir hom nie – oor die algemeen loop ons almal kaalvoet, eintlik vreemd om skoene aan Nicola te kry om mee te begin, maar hulle was nuut so dis seker hoekom sy hulle wou uittoets. 😉

  4. Such precious memories being made

    • 🙂 That what I think too…hopefully when she’s all grown up she’ll be glad that I captured all of these.

  5. The last picture is my FAVOURITE. Too sweet!

    • 🙂 That’s my favourite too

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