Just one more sleep

22 February , 2013

Yesterday ex-colleague Fruit-Bat popped in for lunch with the team (motley crew as he calls us). It was good fun to see him again, the place really isn’t the same without him. We took the first floor staff lounge by storm, and for a change we were the loudest people in there, in fact the regular lunch goers seemed a bit intimidated and were nowhere to be seen (could be because we took up almost all of the tables?). You know…if we had to have a reunion with all our dearly departed and the current team altogether there wouldn’t be a meeting room big enough in this building to accomodate us. Mmm, okay maybe the auditorium?

Oooh, did I mention that i had to move desks again this week? Well I did! Steamcleaner’s would-be office on this floor was annexed by an actuary or some such thing and the facilities people decided that they could most easily make her a new one where my desk was.

I don’t mind all that much really. The sun comes blasting directly in through my old window in the morning so it’s cooking hot in that corner, plus at 14:00 every afternoon when i usually have my afternoon I-want-to-have-a-nap slump the whirley piramid things on top of the building next door (supposed to terrify pigeons) sends flashes of light directly at where my screen used to be. It’s quite disturbing to feel like you have a strobe light on you every single afternoon, and completely interferes with my slump. I was completely honest with Steamcleaner about all this but she still wanted it, so it’s all hers.

My new desk (3m away from the old one) has locks on the cupboards (whoop! old one didn’t) and I have a window, plus I don’t sit with my back to the passage. All wins if you ask me. 😀

I’m off today to go and have my poor phone screen sorted in Pretoria. I have high hopes of this service provider keeping to everything they promised me, and if they do I will write a glowing review about at some point, but I won’t be dropping the name until I know if it’s worthwhile dropping in in terms of screen repairs.

After that I might just go for a bit of uninterrupted shopping, or go watch an un-animated movie before I go home to pack for our trip.


I asked for a smile…I said show me some teeth! 😆


We have obviously long since de-Christmas-ed our house…I just love this angle (although my camera doesn’t really do it justice).


The beginnings of the cage my dad built to trap the pigeons who ate the dog food. Nicola said, “Oupa! They are going to be so happy!” Mwahaha…not really. Oh, and you should have seen what an eager helper she was on this project. She was carting around nails and screws and desperately tried to get her hands on a hammer but we resisted that. After everything was more or less done, she said, “Oupa, this cage isn’t very pretty.” 😆

How do you solve a situation like that? Easy-peasy…she took some of the sawdust from the floor and added some “pixie dust” before declaring it to be perfect now. 😉



  1. You asked for teeth and you got it – LOL and she’s not even yet a teenager. Interesting angle with the Christmas decor pic, my Christmas decor only came down at the end of Jan (huge improvement from a few yrs ago when it came down in October 😉 😉

    And Yes pixie dust makes everything better. Kids tell it as it is ha ha ha ha ha

    Ps: hope your phone can be fixed and quickly too

    • My phone is fixed! 🙂 Like new really. The fixing did not go without some drama though.

  2. Pixie dust will fix anything! Love that Christmas photo and the desk sounds liek a win to me. SO where are you in P-town? Would love to meet you

    • Sorry I couldn’t meet up with you today…it was one crazy day!

  3. You’re going to have a BALL!

    Hope you’re having fun in Pta… go meet with Cat 🙂 and have a cupcake/ scone/ something sweet for me!

    • Can’t wait to stick my feet in that sea water! 🙂

  4. LOL at the pixie dust 🙂
    Hope you have an awesome break

    • Thank you! 😀

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